What Is Swiggy And How It’s Working?

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Swiggy is one of the topmost players in the online food ordering & delivery industry, which revolves around the world. Its fast-paced delivery made peoples feel so the bed of roses.

In offline mode, people use to go out to the restaurant and waiting for the food preparation for 45 min or more time and then they have a portion of food, which is like a bitter pill. Instead of that, Swiggy has done a great job.

All the food lovers can get their favorite food at their favored restaurant, within 30 minutes, and even at their doorstep, making them fortunate to enjoy the food. Yup, it works smoothly and nicely.

Consequently, people love to deserve food tasty in their place itself—these why the frames of Swiggy are uncomparable within a short period.

Not only that, even it makes both restaurant partners and driver-partners have a happy board. This is just like the best of both worlds.

Business Model Of Swiggy

Yep! We are in the appropriate part, to know the complete work follows of the Swiggy.

In a simplistic flow!

Everyone use to call Swiggy a hyper-local service provider. It is connecting the bridge gap between the eaters, restaurateurs, and fleet delivery partners.

The eater can choose out their desired food for the Swiggy app. Even on that app, they can have a glimpse of the menu, favored restaurant. On that, they can see a mean, categorized, and addon on it.

Then, once they place the orders, that notification had sent to the restaurant. After the preparation is completed, the restaurateur will find out the nearby fleet partner to send the food parcel to the eater at their doorstep.

Features In Swiggy

  • Pre-order Table Booking: The eater can book the table at their desire restaurant by mentioning the date and time for the uses.
  • Schedule orders: Pre-schedule was one of the best sources for the eater to schedule their order when they need to take.
  • Payment: Multiple payment gateways like digital wallets, cards, and others to have a secure transaction.
  • Add To Cart: A temporary list of items by adding them to the cart, which will keep track of the items until the eater interest.
  • Live Tracking: The eater can track out their orders on the app itself till they get to their doorstep.

Money Making Features

Now it’s the most important session to money-making skill in the Swiggy!

Swiggy’s Revenue Model

Money is the trump card for every business, even for Swiggy, which is almost an excellent process.

To steam up the business, here 6 main revenue stack

Delivery Charge:

For every single order, the minimal threshold of 20 to 40 rupees. They can make the charges during high order demands or unusual weather conditions.


They acquire a commission from the restaurant partner and fleet partner. Restaurants have to pay 15% to 25% on every order placed on Swiggy’s website.


They earn in two ways.

Banner Promotions: By promoting the display of restaurants on the app for the particular region.

Priority listing of restaurants: They charge restaurants premium rates to prioritize the list of available restaurants. A restaurant has to pay high if it wants to be displayed higher on the list.

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What Is Swiggy And How It’s Working?

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