What is Social Media Marketing

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What is Social Media Marketing

Are you a business owner or a marketeer struggling to grow your business? Still unaware of different social media marketing plans and strategies?

Despite a wealth of experience in the field, some businesses might struggle to know about social media marketing plans, which is a common concern.

You know, we live in a digital world. According to Smart Insights, around 4.55 billion people will now use different social media platforms in 2021. 

It’s not like a couple of social media posts and blog posts would be OK in the past. However, to build a brand on social media now, you must invest a lot of time and effort in social media marketing.

Since it is such an essential topic for all businesses, we have accumulated everything you need to know about social media marketing and SEO expertise in Singapore that can help you.

Scroll down if you want to know about social media marketing in detail.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing means using different social media platforms to target audiences to build a brand, increase sales, and increase website traffic.

In simple words, social media marketing means connecting your business to the people and helping them to understand your business more clearly.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media platforms are among the most popular.

Social Media Marketing is one of the Internet Marketing techniques that involves creating different types of content or blog posts about your business and sharing them on other social media platforms.

Different activities like posting images, videos, and other business content drive engagement and give clear information about your business.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Everybody nowadays searches for the product on the Internet before buying that particular product. Why? Because on the Internet, they can find different people talking about the product. Also, they can view other reviews who have already used that product.

As I said earlier, around 4.55 people use social media platforms nowadays. These statistics alone can show the importance of social media marketing to your business. It is a very competitive world out there, and your business cannot afford not to be involved in social media marketing. 

Whenever someone buys your product and likes it, they might share good reviews about it with others, which may bloom your business. Similarly, if the product is not satisfactory, they might share bad reviews about your product, and your business can go down too. 

Another importance of social media marketing is acquiring different insights about the people involved with your business. For example, you will be able to view the numbers of people who interact daily, weekly, and so on. With that, you can apply different social media marketing plans and strategies to improve your business.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

As social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter grew in popularity, businesses were very keen to make it their opportunity to broaden their businesses. It’s not like in the past that companies used social media platforms only to communicate with their customers, but now they use them to provide full details about their business. 

Social media platforms allow businesses and marketers to apply different social media strategies to direct website traffic to their business and hook people to buy the product they sell.

With social media platforms, businesses can know about their customers more since most people provide their personal information, geographical and demographical information to the business site.

The five pillars of social media marketing on which it works are:

  1. Social Media Strategy
  2. Planning and Publishing
  3. Listening and Engagement
  4. Analytics and Reporting
  5. Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Social Media Strategy

You know, a single post can make a substantial impact on your business. So before posting or creating some content for the company, the first thing is to think and develop a strategy.

  • What are your business goals? – First of all, you need to know what your goal is. Then, how can you achieve that goal using social media marketing? 

Different businesses have different business goals. For example, some may have plans to increase sales and website traffic within a specific time frame. On the other hand, some may have business goals to build brand awareness instead of increasing sales. 

  • What type of content should you post? – Yes, you know now what your goal is. But now what? 

Now, you need to think of content that gives clear-cut information about your business to people. It may be images, videos, links, etc. Is that post educational or entertaining? So think of the content that will keep people interested in your business.

  • What social media platform to give more attention to? – You always have to know which social media platform is flourishing now and which social media platform suits your business goals. 

According to StatusBrew, some of the famous social media platforms in 2021 are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, etc.

As for now, Tiktok has taken the world by storm. Tiktok claims that it currently has about 1 billion people using the app this year. So this is what you have to focus on. If you create proper TikTok content, you may engage more people than other social media platforms.

Planning and Publishing

Publishing and posting content is straightforward, and it is precisely like posting in your personal Facebook account. But a simple twist in business pages is that you need proper social media marketing plans before publishing something. 

You need to post content to drive people’s attention to your business. Also, since every possible business uses social media nowadays, you need to be very active every moment. You can do it by posting different types of content that go with current trends.

Listening and Engagement

As your business grows, people will talk about your business. They start commenting on your social media posts and blog posts replies to your stories, tags you, etc.

The idea is to increase social media followers. So this is a perfect way to engage with the people. People love it if your response rate is very high, and if not, they might leave without any engagement. 

Also, when someone tags you in their Instagram story or Facebook story, you can repost that in your business account. What that does is it shows that you are giving your time for them. 

Similarly, whenever someone buys your product, they might have feedback. So listen to people carefully; they might have things you might improve next time. 

Social Media Analytics and Reporting

If you have a business, you will want to know how it is working on social media and how it is close to reaching your business goals, right? You want to see how many people are engaging each day, each month, and so on. You can also hire experts who have helped Singaporean companies better their SEO if you want. 

You can use different social media analytics tools to help you out. These social media analytics and reports help you know what your business is doing well and lacking. So you can apply different strategies and plans to eliminate those problems. 

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are vital. How can a business grow without people knowing? That is near to impossible. So if you have a good amount of budget to invest in growing your business, social media advertising is a good option.

It’s a little costly, but it’s well worth it. Different ads might catch your eye whenever you use social media, and you may even click on some to check what it is. 

At present, Facebook advertising in Singapore is a powerful technique, which you might not want to miss. In addition, you can also target specific areas, age groups, etc. 

To Sum Up,

Whatever the size of your business, you need to be involved in social media marketing. Since everyone is interested in social media, you cannot afford to lose this opportunity. 

With proper planning and relevant content, you can grow your business in no time. But, along with plans and content, you must also go on with the things that are trending currently in the world so that you can hook people into your business.

What is Social Media Marketing