What is SMS Marketing?

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SMS Marketing is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages.

The first core of SMS Marketing is the fact that it is Permission-Based. This is important for 2 reasons:

  1. The only way that a marketer or enterprise can use someone’s phone number.

Due to strict TCPA regulations, using someone’s phone number without their permission can yield hefty fines.

      2. This provides you with more qualified subscribers.

If someone takes time out of their daily life to receive more information about your business, this means the person is really interested in what you are providing. 

The goal of SMS Marketing is to build a great relationship with your subscribers to increase loyalty.

How did SMS messages work?

For a subscriber to receive messages from you, they usually are required to send a keyword to a short-code phone number.

Then their number will be stored in a database, and they will receive a confirmation message as a receipt for opting in. This confirmation message holds important information such as intro message, unsubscribe info, help info, and more.  

Top 4 SMS Marketing techniques:

  • Follow the rules

This is the most important technique of SMS Marketing. There are 2 kinds of components to the rules:

  • Federal Law

Federal Law is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). It says you can’t send text messages to people without their consent. So if someone sends text message spam, they can be sued by the consumer. 

  • CTIA

CTIA stands for Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. It works with the wireless carriers to figure out the rules and regulations of using a shortcode. A shortcode is a five-to-six-digit phone number used by brands to send and receive marketing messages. If you violate their rules, then you can have your shortcode suspended or shut down. Violation of this rule makes the text message marketing campaign pretty useless.    

When someone is opting for your mobile campaign to grow the list faster, you always want to offer some incentive when they opt-in.

Example: text “join” to 55555 to receive 20% off today and join our mobile club.

So that’s an incentive. They get the 20% off, but they also have to provide their mobile number and join the SMS list to get that incentive.

According to a study, offering incentives to customers can grow your list by 520% faster.

  • Send valuable and unique offers

There are 2 components to this technique:

  • Valuable

If someone is giving out their mobile number over that’s a precious piece of information. The brand must be sending valuable things, such as offers, coupons, discounts, tips, or the things that would make the user open the text message and spend their time looking at it.

  • Unique

If you have an offer and send it out to your text message subscribers, post the offer on TV, Billboard, Instagram, Twitter, etc. That’ll make the offer no more unique to your mobile subscribers.

So, always send valuable and unique offers to your mobile subscribers.

  • Measure results

In text message marketing, everything can be measured. For example, you can measure clicks, how many people are getting and are responding to them. 

Text message marketers send different kinds of campaigns and then measure the success of those campaigns. It helps them conclude which components are working (so that they can build new messages similar to those working) and then get rid of those not working.

What is SMS Marketing?

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