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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is also known as Retargeting in which you target and try to attract the customers who have already visited your website.

Like what happens many a time due to various reasons a visitor does not complete his/her purchase. Then using Remarketing strategies, you recapture the visitors’ attention while they are scrolling through other sites. This will bring back the visitor to your website and convert him or her into a paying customer.

What is Remarketing?

On average, online stores manage to convert just 3% of their visitors into customers. So here are some strategies that will help you to convert at least 5 or 6 sales out of 100 visitors that visit your website.

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment Remarketing

According to a research by Baymard Institute, an E-commerce research facility, the rate of average shopping cart abandonment is 68 percent.

When a customer is browsing through the content on your website or marketplace, selecting from it and then adding it their shopping cart. But after that not completing his purchase. There must be a reason behind it. So you have to figure out the reason and give them deals to attract them back.

Some of the reasons could be:-

  1. 44% of the visitors expected lower shipping and handling charges.
  2. 41% of the visitors were not ready to make the purchase.
  3. 27% of the visitors wanted to compare prices with other  websites
  4. 25% of the visitors found the product was expensive.
  5. 24% of the visitors just wanted to save for a later purchase.

The visitors who fall in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th category want the same thing, Lower prices. So offer them free shipping, sale time or some discount points as a limited time offer. The limited time offers will lure them to complete the purchase sooner.

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2. Combining Email marketing with Retargeting

The customers who have left some products in their cart, keep on sending them emails at regular intervals. Stay engaged with your target customer base using emails. The emails should follow a certain procedure, with every email you need to increase their greed to buy the product.

  1. At first, keep on sending them personalized e-mail reminders that they have ‘left behind a product in their cart.’ – At times it may happen that the visitor never tried to abandon the cart. It just happened due to the interruption in the internet connection or website crashed or any other mishappening. This reminder will help you achieve sales without offering discounts.
  2. If the above reminder doesn’t work means the customer is looking for better offers. Email them some Coupon code that will give them free shipping or discount. Or mail them that you have added some discount points which they can use while completing the purchase.


Now many times none of the above emails help. There are people who really want to buy the product but after some time. So keep on sending them emails as a reminder. Keep on informing them when the price of the product goes down during sale or the product is going to get out of stock, only a few pieces are left, etc.


3. Advertise using Social Media


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube has a huge percentage of the population, meaning that almost everybody is on the social network. Add the site visitors to your target list. On this target list keep on displaying ads related to the products they have browsed. And sometimes try to advertise using better deals like mention free shipping or sale price. This will tempt the buyer to complete his purchase.

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Use Youtube remarketing code to target those who have already viewed a how-to-use or instructional video regarding a particular product. It surely means the viewer is interested in the product. So use an ad from the same company that offered that the tutorial and it may convert the viewer into a paying customer.

4. Recurring Sales Remarketing

Customers who are repeated buyers are more likely to buy than first-time visitors. You need to give separate kind of attention to these two groups.  Since it is easier to convert a sale from repeated buyers focus on these customers more by trying to increase customer loyalty and recurring purchases.  Like after a certain amount of purchase from your website make them VIP members or something to entice them. In that offer various deals and discounts so that they keep on buying from your website only.

Google ads help you to do creative remarketing through their display network. Like reminding your frequent customers about new deals, new launches in products, sale time or similar products they browsed for through various ads on other websites they are visiting. This will keep your website on top of their head while buying any product only which may lead to many new sale conversions.


According to a study, “With the help of proper remarketing, your company can reach up to 20 times more sales in a year than the business that does not use any marketing strategy.”

11% of companies use remarketing to target competitor’s customer. They do this by targeting the people who have visited the websites that sell similar products like yours. Or you can also display your product ads on competitor’s website with better deals and prices.

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Remarketing is a tool when used wisely can increase your sales dramatically, because in that you are targeting customers who are already interested in the product using banner ads.

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What is Remarketing?

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