What is Live Commerce & How Is It Changing eCommerce?

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What Is Live Commerce and How Does It Run?

Live stream shopping or Livestream eCommerce is a kind of selling experience that combines live interactive streaming videos with e-commerce. Brands sell their products live while interacting with customers in real-time. The process involves listing products and allowing customers to shop while seeing products in action.

A host can put on various outfits and accessories during a Live Shopping show while interacting with viewers via live chat. Viewers can inquire about the fabric’s quality and even request a presenter to put on clothing and particular accessories. Customers/viewers had a comparable experience to having direct touch and engagement with a salesperson while shopping in a real retail outlet or mall.

Influencers’ demonstrations or endorsements of a product or service are strikingly comparable to live shopping. Associated videos or references to further information on the measurements or size, appearance, and other product details will be available to you during a Livestream.

Live stream shopping features improves:

  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Assist consumers in comprehending goods
  • Increase the amount of human contact between vendors and  customers to boost sales
  • Improves brand image

Different ways to leverage Livestream e-commerce:

Live commerce is changing the way brands and sellers do business.

Product launches

Without human contact, it may be difficult to connect with prospective customers when introducing a product online. However, since audiences can speak to you immediately and see products in action, Livestream eCommerce naturally draws audiences’ interest and attention.

Product Demonstrations

You will see the product tutorial via live shopping in the same manner that salespeople do in malls and retail shops. There will be transparency so that you can buy your product without hesitation and doubts.

Live Behind-the-Scenes Video

If you want to humanize your brand and depict authenticity, behind-the-scenes live video is the most effective way to do so. Exclusiveness is welcomed in behind-the-scenes live video, which leads to greater engagement rates. It is used during various live commerce shows in the USA.

You can showcase your manufacturing plant, show your employees working and demonstrate your company culture.

Interactive Sessions in Real-Time

Customers can be kept interested and informed by providing them with information and fostering engagement. Live Interviews, Q&A sessions, and FAQs are all excellent ways to convert visitors into prospective customers. These are the most captivating live stream shopping features.

What Role Does Live Streaming Play For Online Sellers/Brands?

eCommerce live streaming has only been around for a short time, but it is already getting a lot of momentum, and it is supposed to take off in the coming years.

Here are five benefits of Live Commerce.

It’s a no-cost advertisement.

You’ll need to conduct PPC or CPC ads if you want to improve your conversion rate. However, when you make your website online, you get free visibility and, in most instances, immediate sales activation.

Boosts Customer Engagement 

There is virtually limited space for consumer interaction in eCommerce.

Customers may interact with you on a more individual level using Live shopping. By offering product demonstrations, you may interact with customers who are interested in purchasing your goods.

Conversion Rate Improvement

Viewers will remain on your live shopping show if there is greater engagement involvement which will eventually lead to improved conversion rates.

Retention of Customers

Client retention may be more valuable to their needs efficiently and productively – which is what live ce than acquiring new consumers. Buyers are shown to return to brands that commerce achieves. This fosters the retention of customers and leads to brand loyalty.

Prospect for New Clients

Running live contests and giving away rewards is a common strategy for eCommerce Live Online Shopping. People can likewise profit from joining your live event to even provide giveaways and competitions with prizes. This implies that if you want to attract new customers, you must respond to every one of their questions and comments. And as quickly as possible, since in this case, prompt answers are crucial to success.

Improved Product Experiences 

Live shopping allows brands to educate shoppers, guide them through different products. Through this interaction, shoppers can be immersed in an experience they would similarly experience in physical retail.  

Wrapping up

Live Online Shopping is anticipated to become widespread in the next several years across the world. In India, the influencer marketing strategy has already shown to be a tremendous success. While existing live shopping systems are chaotic and do not provide the greatest consumer experience, this will improve. Live shopping will appeal to a new generation of consumers who value the personal touch and convenience Live Online Shopping provides. As a result, it is critical for companies to re-ignite the human aspect of the consumer experience. Join forces with Channelize.io to take advantage of these benefits.

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What is Live Commerce & How Is It Changing eCommerce?

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