What is Headless Commerce?
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What is Headless Commerce?

How people shop is continually changing as technology advances. Additionally, eCommerce platforms have experienced rapid growth due to technological advancements in recent years. One prediction states that by 2022, the eCommerce industry will be worth $5 trillion.

The importance of new technology for online business owners. Adapting to rapidly changing technology is essential for eCommerce businesses to expand. Platforms for headless hosted eCommerce are a specialist choice for operators of online stores because they want to stay abreast of newly emerging technology and the constantly changing touchpoints that go along with them.

You should be aware of headless eCommerce if you run an online store or are considering opening one. The best headless eCommerce platforms for 2022 are also listed in the section below.

What Is Headless Commerce?

An eCommerce platform known as “headless commerce” allows stores to manage and deliver content without using a front-end delivery stack. A headless commerce platform’s front end (or “head”) is disconnected and removed; it is typically a template or theme, leaving only the back end.

Then, developers may deliver offers, blogs, and customer reviews to any device via APIs. Front-end programmers can work on displaying the content simultaneously using whichever framework they like.

Users can often interact interactively with any system functional elements (such as forms, posts, banners, and products). It entails creating and overseeing the content’s elements.

In other words, the Internet of Things is the target market for headless commerce architecture. On the other hand, traditional commerce platforms have their heads screwed tight, indicating that they have a predetermined front end closely connected to the backend. Even though there are many customization options and unrestricted access to the code, the platform only intends to serve content on websites and perhaps native mobile applications.

A platform with a backend data model and commerce cloud infrastructure is offered through a headless commerce architecture through a RESTful API. However, since the platform is not tightly integrated with the backend, eCommerce organizations can spread content, services, and payment gateways to wearables, kiosk panels, Alexa Skills, and everything else.

How does Headless Commerce work?

Comparable in operation to a headless CMS is a headless eCommerce system. Instead, it uses web services or API calls to pass requests between the application and appearance levels.

On a user’s smartphone, the headless eCommerce system’s display layer activates when they tap a “Buy Now” button. To begin processing, it makes an API request to the application layer. Then, to provide the customer with their order status, the application layer sends another API call to the application layer.

What are the benefits of Headless Commerce?

The early adopters of headless commerce are larger companies with sizable IT and development teams and a DIY mentality. It makes sense because it might take a long to program specifically to create a different front and back end.

The five benefits of switching to headless commerce are typically worth the effort. They can aid in the expansion of your company:

  1. To go genuinely omnichannel

  2. For agile marketing

  3. To provide a more personalized and consistent consumer experience

  4. For seamless integrations

  5. To improve conversion optimization

Top Headless Commerce Platforms

Several eCommerce platforms offer APIs that allow a decoupled or headless approach to eCommerce, even if the idea is still relatively new. Four names to consider in this area are as follows:

Shopify Plus

Shopify is a well-known name in the eCommerce industry. According to one source, as of May 2021, it was powering over 1.7 million eCommerce shops worldwide. Moreover, for various reasons, Shopify plus is one of the most preferred headless eCommerce systems for online business owners in 2022.

Magento commerce

Magento is one of the most well-known brands among the top headless eCommerce platforms. It is renowned for its capacity to design strong, flexible stores. The Magento Business Edition enables you to build headless, API-based business solutions that work across various channels and devices. In addition, many Magento extensions contribute to the store’s increased capabilities.


The PHP, Python, and Ruby-based BigCommerce platform is a dynamic commerce engine that can provide a seamless and blazingly-fast API-driven experience through your DXP application, CMS, device, or custom front end.

Headless Woocommerce

Using a headless WooCommerce plugin, you may divide WooCommerce’s user interface from its back end (database). Instead, you connect the WooCommerce store to a custom user interface created using a variety of computer languages, including ReactJS.

Future of Headless Commerce

Although a headless commerce solution resolves a number of problems, it also creates new ones, as was already mentioned. If you’ve studied this essay thoroughly, you’ll know why the future is decoupled rather than just headless.

A decoupled commerce system separates the front and back end in the same way that a headless system does. A decoupled CMS does not just take the front-end delivery level out of the equation, in contrast to a headless CMS.

With this architecture, brands can simultaneously transmit content via APIs to various devices, apps, and touchpoints while giving marketers back control over content production and approval.

Concluding Thought

Producing, organizing, and distributing top-notch content is essential if you want to compete in any industry. You may give your customers a tailored experience by choosing the best headless commerce solution for your company. This headless eCommerce tutorial will help you select the most suitable alternative as a consequence.

Customizing and creating headless platforms is one of EvinceDev’s areas of expertise as a top Headless eCommerce development firm. And we are here to assist you in choosing and modifying any headless eCommerce solution for your company.

What is Headless Commerce?

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