What is Google Skillshop? What does it Bring to Marketers?

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What is Google Skillshop? What does it Bring to Marketers?

Google Skillshop, – formerly Academy for Ads, is an entirely free learning platform that allows you to start from scratch in the world of digital advertising and web analytics until you become an expert in all the services that Google has created for this purpose.

What content can we find in Google Skillshop?

Google always tries to make life easier for those who want to learn, especially if we’re learning content for their convenience.

In Google Skillshop, you can take courses on Google’s advertising platform (SEM) ( Google Ads ). The content is structured from the most basic to more complex topics.

You can also find courses from zero to advanced level of the most important Google SEO platforms, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

In addition to courses, this virtual academy offers the possibility of passing exams and obtaining certifications that endorse us as expert advertisers in digital marketing. We can show them in our official Linkedin profiles and personal portfolio. These certifications are vital if we work in Google Ads partner advertising agencies.

What requirements do I need to enroll in the Academy for Ads?

So far, there are no requirements, only the desire to learn; even if you are not an advertiser and want to learn how to manage your advertising campaigns in Google Ads, it is an excellent source of information and knowledge.

Suppose you put Academy for Ads in the search engine. In that case, you will immediately get the link that will take you to the welcome page, where you will have to complete the registration and log in. Then you will have access to the topics and educational content and carry out the certification exams. It is very intuitive, and you will navigate through it easily.

This is what my session looks like in Academy for Ads; as you can see, you can follow the topics you are interested in learning, and the achievements you obtain will be shown on your profile.

How is the experience of following a course in Google Skillshop

Well, like all online education platforms, more or less.

It is very comfortable because you study at your own pace, although I recommend not being too lax. After all, the content can be dense, and if we prolong it too much, we may end up not remembering what we saw at the beginning.

The course materials (especially English) are very illustrative, with real problems, and explained in easy-to-understand language. I recommend seeing all the study material before launching ourselves to take the test. And that’s it. Dedicating a couple of hours a day, it took me two weeks to prepare well for this first exam because I’m going for more!

What is the certification exam like?

Like I said before, I’ve only passed one, the Google Ads Basics. It is a 90-minute exam; it contains 65 multiple-choice questions. Many of the questions are based on examples that could be presented in real life, such as: » Your client asks you to… What would you do? » And they give you the options to choose from.

It’s not difficult to achieve, especially when you’ve tinkered with the Google Ads platform a bit, you’ve started some other campaign, and you’ve done your experiments because it’s almost a matter of memory and logic.

I hope this article has motivated you to learn a little more about this virtual academy, full of useful content for those of us who manage advertising campaigns for third parties or also for those who manage their campaigns.

Receive my greetings, and wait for more articles where I will be telling my learning path on this platform.

What is Google Skillshop? What does it Bring to Marketers?