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What is Amazon Sales Rank

What FBA Sellers Need to Know About Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon is an excellent and convenient platform for selling items, either as a business or an individual. Sellers who make sales fulfilled by Amazon (known as FBA sellers), will already understand just how tough the competition is. FBA sellers need every advantage they can get. This means that, not only do they need to work carefully on their product descriptions and images, they also need to make sure that they are taking advantage of all the data and tools that Amazon makes available to FBA sellers.

Among these, the Amazon sales rank, of which every product on Amazon has one, is one of the most important. A product’s sales rank will give you the clearest idea possible of how well a product is selling, and how well it is resonating with your customers. FBA sellers in particular need to be aware of the Amazon sales rank and how it works.

What Determines an Amazon Sales Rank?

The Amazon sales rank is determined entirely by the number of purchases of that product. It is irrespective of search data, or other methods used to determine a product’s popularity on Amazon. The sales rank considers both recent and historical purchases, and as a result, it is a number that constantly fluctuates.

Sale rank is also given relative to the total sales in the item’s respective category. Because of this, an item’s sales rank might decrease, even though it has had a very strong sales performance recently. Just because you experience a sharp increase in the volume of units you sell, this won’t necessarily translate into a similarly significant shift in the product’s sales rank. If the category as a whole experience a higher volume of sales, the item in question will have to experience a higher increase than the average increase across the category in order for its sales rank to rise.

How to Improve Your Sales Rank

The most obvious answer to this question is improving your sales of a particular item, and this has to happen as we said before regardless to the spike of the whole category. Now there are a few ways to do this:

  • Optimize your listing:

This means that you need to choose the proper keywords that go with your product.  What this does is increase the chance of your product to be seen. Using one of many keyword research tools you can determine the words that are searched the most regarding your product.

  • PPC Campaign:

With a well executed PPC campaign, you can help your product reach even more people. When you type in a term in a search engine the ones that have a ‘’sponsored’’ mark are the ones for which someone basically paid the search engines to promote.

  • Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content:

Depending on which type of a seller you are Amazon has implemented enhanced content features to help you. Both of them allow you to tell a deeper story about the product you are selling.

A+ Content is used primarily by manufacturers and distributors. Using this your sales can go up anywhere from 3%-10% claims Amazon.
Enhanced Brand Content is available to Seller Central Merchants. Which in return means this is available to the brands that are registered with the Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Finding the Current Rankings

Amazon FBA sellers should be paying attention to the current sales rankings of their key products. The sales ranking allows you to strip away other metrics and focus entirely on how well a product is selling within its category. Viewing the sales ranking for a product is easy, all you need to do is head to the inventory management page located in Seller Central.

You can also see the sales ranks for your competitors’ products by locating the product listing on Amazon and scrolling down to the product information section. Near the bottom of this section, you will see the “Best Sellers Rank”.  This isn’t only useful for getting an idea of how well other products are selling, it can also help you to discover new categories and sub-categories to list your products in.

What You Can Learn from Your Sales Rank

A product’s sales rank will tell you a great deal about its relative popularity, but not much else. It can help you to formulate a better selling strategy by guiding you towards the most effective categories and sub-categories for selling your products.

However, if you want to use your sales rank to formulate a comprehensive selling strategy, you will need to consider it alongside a variety of other factors. Your sales rank will not factor in returns, for example, and so you will want to monitor these separately. If an item has higher than average returns, you should determine whether these returns are the result of customer dissatisfaction or issues with Amazon. FBA sellers can get refunds on certain Amazon FBA sales, for example, when an order is lost or damaged in transit, or because of a fault with Amazon’s handling of it.

Other Things to Consider

Along with the sales rank, there are some other important factors to consider in determining how valuable a product is to your inventory line. First of all, customer reviews are always going to be a key metric. Customer reviews don’t just provide you with the feedback you need to determine whether an item is worth your time as a seller, they also provide other customers with useful information about real-world usage.

When you are considering adding a new product to your line, you should research similar products from your competitors and see what their sales rankings are. Note that just because an item has a very high sales ranking, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have dominated the market. It could be that they simply aren’t facing much competition and so have risen to the top by default.

Amazon FBA sellers need to understand all about sales rankings. They are not the be-all end-all of sales metrics and should not be taken as an isolated measure. However, the information they provide can prove invaluable when it is considered alongside other measures of the popularity of an item. Your competitors’ sales ranks will also tell you how well their products are performing and will give you an indication of which product categories are most worth pursuing.

What is Amazon Sales Rank

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