What is Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon?
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What is Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon?


A List of Packaging Manufacturers Is Included in The Amazon FBA Packaging Guide

Amazon FBA or the “Fulfillment by Amazon” service is particularly made for Amazon sellers. This is a favorite through which a seller can outsource the hassle of packaging and fulfilling the good.

After you’re done adding listings and proper descriptions to your project, your next goal should be advertising it. Product descriptions aren’t enough. You have to assure people of the quality and quantity you offer them.

Now sales are not an easy game. From basic marketing to branding, every step is crucial. But the most important factor in e-commerce is to get to the customers on time with the right thing.

If your parcel goes wrong once, not only are you getting bad reviews, but that one customer will share the story with many others. On the other hand, if the order is late or arrives at four in the morning, you’re again getting bad reviews.

Therefore, you must ensure everything goes right and that nothing makes the hard-earned customers leave bad reviews.

However, when you’re looking into so many things as an eCommerce company, it’s almost a blessing when Amazon itself takes some burden off you.

Now Amazon FBA is a service by which you can send your unpacked parcels to Amazon and have them delivered where you wish. Amazon doesn’t only take complete responsibility for delivering the goods but packages them as well.

To know more about this amazing service, scroll below!

What is Amazon FBA?

As a seller, all you have to do is supply your stock to the fulfillment centers. After that, from shipping to Amazon FBA rapid express freight to delivery at the customer’s doorstep, the fulfillment center takes care of the rest.

Now amazon will store your stock in their warehouse and carry out the packaging. They are also responsible for ensuring the goods are in a protective shield and stay safe during the tour.

Now, let us break this down for you, even if you’re someone who doesn’t yet sell on amazon. You can also choose a product that you don’t manufacture yourself. Just buy something at a retail price and pack it primarily in unlabeled boxes/jars.

You can sell the smallest items, from stationary and cosmetics to large goods like generators or electric pressure washers. Since you’re not a good brand that maintains a warehouse, you can keep these goods in an Amazon FBA fulfillment center.

From here, whenever you receive an order, the center can pack and deliver them on your behalf. This shouldn’t be too hard because you’re relying on the services of a million-dollar company that’s best known for its smooth eCommerce trading!

The center even manages to label the products if you don’t do that yourself. In short, Amazon FBA makes eCommerce to your doorstep and makes it easier to make a profit from home.

If, on the other hand, you choose to ship by yourself, it might make your expenses go up higher. A list of practical reasons you should utilize FBA centers instead of doing it yourself is this:

  • You won’t have to manage a warehouse if you’re selling from home
  • It’s possible to manage things easily as a small business
  • No need to buy delivery vehicles and make sales across the world
  • Packaging and labeling can be hectic when you’re doing business on Amazon with a full-time job
  • Shortens your work if Amazon business is your side hustle

Why Is Amazon FBA The Best Option?

Discounts On Shipping

This is one of the prime reasons sellers prefer amazon marketing services and FBA services rather than shipping on their own. However, once in a while, every seller or manufacturer gets some special discounts that can significantly impact their sales.

Moreover, once a range of products is rated “Prime,” there are even more discount offers one can avail of. There is also some constant discount offers amazon FBA gives out to some specific categories of sellers.

Return Management Facility

While this can be a bit costly to small businesses that have newly started, returns are a great facility this service provides. You can transfer all the headaches, replace a good, or receive it from the customer who wishes to return it and get a refund.

However, ensure that your website or description guides the customers about everything in the return-refund process.

Ample Storage Space

With FBA, sellers don’t have to worry about how much space they are allowed. Furthermore, since every seller pays the FBA center a per unit fee, there is no ‘limited space package.’ In short, you can stock in as much as you wish! As a result, boost your sales without a worry about warehouse capacity.

Now, if you search for any industry that sells the same products or services as yours, you will find amazing statistics. Storing stock and keeping a well-maintained, polished, and secured warehouse takes up a lot of budgets!

Smooth and Speedy Shipping

With Amazon FBA, you can ship the products faster to your customers. So assure them of speedy delivery, and that’s already a plus point with your brand’s sales!

This is a big plus for drop shipping business people or those carrying out amazon business as a side hustle. What else do you need when (a) you don’t have to manufacture products yourself and (b) you have an amazing shipping partner?

Things are way easier with these services. However, many businesses don’t rely on amazon FBA services if selling internationally. Therefore, we recommend that you should try this process. It can cut a lot of your expenses on shipping.

But again, this can be a plan because, at the moment, Amazon is not very frequently deg with international restrictions and taxation laws for its sellers. But if you want to try it and have room for research and trials, go on!

Packaging Requirements from FBA

Now just as easy as availing of the FBA services, you have to fulfill some prerequisites before signing up. Every category of product has a different set of instructions.

For instance, you can’t just supply some moisturizing cream in a rough pouch and expect FBA to transfer it into jars. There are, hence, some standards that one has to meet to make good profits on amazon.

To sell your products across the country, ensure your goods stay safe even when they are in the warehouse.

The Different Types of Goods

There are some categories that you will have trouble getting approval for. Here’s a list for a first glance:

    • Jewelry – this is because there might be expensive gold jewelry items that would require extra security to sell
    • Music & DVD – these might be sensitive items that can not move with other bulk
    • Postage stamps
    • Streaming Media Players – again, these are sensitive items because a little damage can affect the value of the products.
    • Video, DVD, & Blu-ray
    • Watches
    • Collectible Coins
    • Fine Art – art pieces might also lose value if a little damage happens
    • Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games
    • Sports Collectibles


Therefore, trying as a fresh amazon third-party seller might sound daunting, but you can surely rely on amazon. Letting go of all those manufacturer lists, you must carry around is certainly not a bad idea!

What is Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon?

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