What is Affiliate Marketing?
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What is Affiliate Marketing?

A third-party vendor pockets a commission through increasing traffic or marketing another company’s products and services. The affiliate promotes a product or service and earns a commission for every sale. Affiliate links are connected from one website to another through internal analytics.

Although affiliate marketing anteceded the internet, the trend of digital marketing, google analytics, and other factors led affiliate marketing to reach new heights. You learn all about it from Cannibal Media.

A trader who wants to reach a large audience using the internet may hire an affiliate. The affiliate could be the owner of one website or more than one. The number of websites owned by the affiliate determines the network of the cohort. If the affiliate has more and more websites and email lists, they will have a better and broader range of connectivity and network. 

The recruited candidate markets the company’s product and services on various e-commerce platforms such as social media, via emails, text ads, and Instagram reels through voice messages, videos, texts, photos, articles, etc. The advertisement is done authentically and ethically to draw the audience’s attention toward the products and services offered by the company.

The vision of the procedure is to create a beneficial situation for both merchant and affiliate. This concept is fresh, unique, profitable, and rapidly getting popular.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Let’s get into details to understand how affiliate marketing works!

Affiliate marketing has been a confusing and curious concept for people who aren’t into it. Some people even think it is a medium that you can turn on and off. Some people think it is not a good concept. All these perceptions about affiliate marketing are wrong. Affiliate marketing aims to create a win-win foundation for both the brands and the affiliates. 

The structure of affiliate marketing is based on transparency and genuine relationships. If the framework of affiliate marketing is strategically established and well-managed, it can raise the online revenue of a brand speedy, ensuring high ROAS and low CPA.

Let’s understand the process better:

1. Affiliate promoting the product and services:

When a brand, company, or individual hires an affiliate to increase the reach of their products and services, the affiliates promote their products and services on the e-commerce platform. The companion influences its potential audience to purchase the product. The authentic content of the affiliate leads the target audience to buy a product from the company.

2. After the consumer clicks on the link posted by an affiliate, cookies are stored in the consumer’s browser, and the cookies redirect consumers to the brand website:

While the affiliate is promoting the products and services of the brand, they promote a link that leads the consumer to a page. Once the consumer reaches the page, cookies are installed in their browser. These cookies redirect the consumer to the brand website. In addition, the installation guides the affiliate network to track the consumer’s progress on the brand website. 

3. The consumer purchases from the website:

After getting into the brand’s website, consumers hunt for a while. Then purchases a product or a service provided by the brand. (The product may be the same which the affiliate promoted or some other product and services supplied b0y the brand.)

4. The internal analytics keeps track, and the affiliate gets the commission:

After the payment of the purchase is done, the affiliate network automatically pays the affiliate the commission calculated from the purchase. The amount of commission the affiliate will get is calculated based on the rules made by the brand itself. Therefore, the companion and the brand must have discussed these rules, terms, and conditions beforehand.

Affiliate marketing is a complicated process. Before getting into anything like affiliate marketing, research is critical. When a brand approaches the affiliate, the affiliate should conduct a thorough research about the brand and its product and services before accepting the offer and promoting it. In addition, the relationship between the affiliate and brand must be transparent and trust-based.


Finding a good and well-fitted brand for your potential audience and then influencing them to buy the products and services provided by the particular company is not as easy as it sounds. Nevertheless, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing and profitable industry if well-managed and systematically organized. But before you start earning commission from affiliate marketing, there are many things to be done.

Consistency is the key to success. Most affiliate marketers work hard to achieve this position. You have to make continuous efforts to become an influencer, promoter, and reviewer.

This is the era of digital marketing and googles analytics. Affiliate marketing can turn the world of business upside down in a good way as it works based on a win-win framework for both brand and affiliate.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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