What Features You Need in Hybrid Event Software
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What Features You Need in Hybrid Event Software

You have worked as an event organizer in your company for a couple of months or years. So, you have to reach out to employees if a meeting need arises. But due to several reasons, some can’t make it or cancel last minute.

You do not have to worry anymore; a hybrid event software is all you need. So let’s explore what it’s all about.

What Does Hybrid Event Software Do?

With the pandemic in place, there are limits to people gatherings. While you may want each employee to be present, that may not be possible if your organization is large. You may also have a guest or more you want in the meeting, but that’s a challenge if they are miles away.

Good software will help you conduct your meeting with much ease without locking anyone out. Whether the attendees attend in person or virtually, they will have an equal experience. Advantages of having such software include;

• Low Costs

If you were to host the entire team, you would have to rent a venue. You have to have refreshments in place, a quality sound system, and other important amenities at the venue. Therefore, you have set a bank-breaking budget.

The opposite happens with hybrid events since you can accommodate each person despite location. While some attendees will be present, you have cut your budget greatly.

• Quality engagement

While hosting a hybrid meeting will save costs, you need the engagement to be top-notch. A good hybrid event platform will offer various engagement options to keep the meeting alive on both sides.

Moreover, any presentations the speakers may have in place will reach all attendees. Thus, no one feels locked out of the meeting, and they will be grateful in the end. The sessions can also get recorded for later engagement with those who could not attend in real-time.

Choosing the Right Software

While you want the best experience in your ongoing meeting, carefully selecting the correct software is essential. In addition, it would be best if yIn addition, you had software that will seamlessly integrate with your attendees without much trouble. So what can you look out for?

• Security

Having a business meeting online comes with a fair share of advantages. You will reach out to all employees despite their location and pass your information with ease. However, with increased online insecurity, your information is prone to cyber-attacks. As the event organizer, you do not want such happenings.

It’s hence crucial to choose a hybrid event software that allows for data encryption. This way, no prying ears will eavesdrop on your conversation. Choose software that gives you complete control over the functionalities for peace of mind on that anticipated day.

• Recordable functionalities

In an online event, you may want to keep the record safe for future use. While choosing to keep the record in writing is an option, some important information may get left out. Also, in considering those who did not attend, a video session gets relayed as it was in real-time.

Be on the lookout for useful hybrid event software with recording functionalities to ensure no detail gets left out. Any data recorded during the session, such as polls and photo galleries, should also get stored and exported easily.

What After the Meeting?

After the meeting, you have an important task to do. Your hybrid event software should provide after-event useful information to you like;

• Analytics

Chances are, you will have another meeting in the future. Therefore, it would be best if you had the analytics of the concluded meeting to plan the next one and see where you can improve. A quality hybrid event software tracks all functionalities from logins, downloads, chats, etc.

You will also note who and how the attendees engaged with the content. You can then match them with what interested them significantly for easy follow-up.


With gatherings limitations in place, a hybrid event has you sorted—the best hybrid event software to use cuts costs and enhances engagement. In choosing your desired software, you need to ensure there is security and proper storage provided. Also, insist on one that gives you quality analytics for easy follow-ups.

What Features You Need in Hybrid Event Software

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