What Does the Customer Experience Look Like in the Age of Millennials?
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What Does the Customer Experience Look Like in the Age of Millennials?

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials represent about 25 percent of the world population, making them the largest segment of society. For a business, understanding what a millennial wants and needs from you are the difference between success and disaster.

The millennials, or Generation Y, don’t buy the same way generations have in the past. They’ve been through escalating wars and crashing markets more than once and have grown to be more frugal with their spending. More importantly, technology has evolved to be a part of their everyday lives, so even shopping without modern conveniences is not something they like to do. Here’s what they do like in a company.

The Option to Self-Service

Millennials don’t like bothering people needlessly, and they shouldn’t have to with the technology available. If they can do all of their shopping online without ever having to interact with others, they’ll jump at the chance. When the business provides a service rather than a product, they should know that these shoppers like to try doing all of their own troubleshooting if possible.

Instead of talking to an employee, millennials are more open to talking to chatbots or other artificially intelligent programs to solve their problems themselves. The key they’re looking for is speed and efficiency while reducing the need for human interaction to get more accuracy and management. The consumer already knows precisely what they want without having others interfere.

Being Mobile Friendly

The tiny computer is in everyone’s pocket, and millennials use their phone to surf the internet more than anyone else. Making sure your website can be viewed on mobile devices and not just a desktop is imperative to keeping the average millennial’s attention.

There are other tricks to servicing mobile-using customers specifically though. Making an app for your business and offering in-app-only discounts or benefits is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. Customer service and chatbots can also be conducted through texts instead of older means, making everyone’s experience easier.

Reaching out Via Social Media

Advertisements have taken a plunge in popularity and are regularly being blocked on web browsers. One of the many ways to get your ad campaigns out to the public is to use social media. Millennials communicate on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so accessing these sites with your business can be a great start.

Putting out not only ads and special offers but also social media posts can be great for customer service and reaching your target audience easier. Reviews on products posted on social media platforms have influenced 57 percent of users into purchases, so there’s definitely a market out there.

The Gen Y Way to Shop

Millennials value businesses that have a customer-centric mindset and positive moral backgrounds. They do their research before buying a product, making sure everything is in order first. Gen Y isn’t impossible to cater to, but they do have their way of doing things. They’re bringing in a whole new world of technology and bad economic standing. Getting to know their viewpoint first will put you ahead of the next business curve.

Bio: Nathan Sykes is a blogger, techie and beer lover. When he’s not geeking out about the latest software update, he can be found cheering on whichever Pittsburgh sports team is playing at the time. To stay up to date on the latest in tech, check out his blog, Finding an Outlet.

What Does the Customer Experience Look Like in the Age of Millennials?

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