What Digital Marketing Strategies Can You Automate?
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What Digital Marketing Strategies Can You Automate?

Today’s marketplace is far tougher than any we have seen for decades. With challenges like inflation and a shrinking labor market, many companies have to do far more with less. One way you can accomplish this is by integrating automation where you can throughout your company. This can even extend to your marketing campaigns. There are different digital marketing strategies you can automate.

What Digital Marketing Strategies Can You Automate?

Drip Campaigns

One of the most traditional digital marketing strategies is email. It is still big today, considering that there are 3.8 billion email accounts. Thankfully, this is also one of the easiest strategies you can automate. This can include things like “drip campaigns.” This is an automated email marketing strategy in which marketing emails are automatically sent to accounts based on user actions referred to as “triggers.” For example, a certain email may be sent in response to opening a previously sent email. The fact that the email was opened would automatically trigger that next email. Alternatively, if that same email was never opened, a completely separate email will be sent designed to do a better job of getting that consumer’s attention. This can help save your sales team a lot of time spent sending emails back and forth with leads.

One-Click Social Media Scheduling

One big problem with social media is many social media networks to deal with. New ones are introduced and pick up steam constantly. Managing each social media account independently can require a lot of employee hours. Instead, you can tie all your social media posts together through software automation. Such software social media automation solutions should have one-click social media scheduling. With a simple click, this will allow you to publish the same content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks. Most of the work is done for you automatically.

Contact Management

Managing leads in a digital format can also be quite difficult and time-consuming for a human being. However, with the power of automation, most of the grunt work can be completed for you automatically. For example, auto grouping is a useful feature in this regard. If you have a list of contacts, the software can automatically tag individual consumers as being in a specific group due to activity or behaviors. FSo, for example, customers who bought products from your company over the phone, through your website, or via a brick-and-mortar store can all be listed appropriately. This will give your sales team far better information on how to best approach such leads when selling them new products and services.

Event-Based Automations

You can also create automated marketing messages triggered by specific events. For example, if a customer has their birthday marked in your data, you can send them specific birthday-themed marketing messages, including things like coupons. The same can be done in response to one-year sign-up anniversaries, exceeding a certain dollar amount spent in the store, or a long gap between purchases. Doing these tasks without automation would be time-consuming for marketing staff.

Mobile Responsive Automation

You also need to remember that most people who use the internet no longer do so on just a laptop or desktop PC. Instead, they use their mobile phones to surf the internet and search for products. Thankfully, you can automate the process of confirming your marketing messages sent via email or other means to the platform it is being viewed on. This will help ensure smartphone users can easily read and respond to your marketing efforts. This should also be done because you must consider different mobile platforms. For example, things do not load the same on an iPhone as on an Android OS. Screen sizes can also be a big factor. However, automatic adjustments to these factors can be completely automated, so your marketing messages are always optimized for the device they are read on.

These are only a few ways digital marketing can be automated. Explore different methods you can use via software to automate your email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Doing so can help save your employees time and convert far more leads than you would otherwise.

What Digital Marketing Strategies Can You Automate?

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