What Difference Can the CISSP Certification Make in Your IT Career?

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One of the best ways to go up the ladder of success in IT fast is to complete a program in information security systems and get certified. This you must do from a recognized institute, and then you will have many options for switching your job. You may also get promoted in your current organization after completing this certification. The potential of information security certification courses is high in helping promote growth and earnings in IT.

The salary you may expect after your CISSP

After completing the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course, you can expect a great salary hike in your current organization or in case you switch the job. The globally standard packages offered to CISSP certified IT professionals are between $73,600 and $1,11,700. This explains which this course is one of the most sought-after advanced IT courses.

Are you eligible for CISSP?

You might have heard from reliable sources that you should do the CISSP certification. You must have heard that this will help you build a great career in IT. But you must also learn if you are particularly eligible for the course, and what makes you eligible. Eligibility for CISSP comes through work experience and completion of CISSP domains. There are altogether 8 domains under CISSP, and you must complete any two or more than to be eligible for the course. The 8 domains are:

  • Security and risk management
  • Security engineering
  • Asset security
  • Communications and network security
  • Security and assessment testing
  • Security and assessment testing
  • Identity and access management
  • Software development security
  • Security operations

Along with completing 2 or more of the above domains, you will also have to have professional working experience of 5 years. And in case you have 4 years of working experience, then the remaining 1 year required can be fulfilled by showing your 4 years of a college degree course.

Why do people do CISSP certification?

One of the prime reasons people do CISSP certification is that the jobs you get from this certification are highly preferred and promises great earnings. You may get jobs like:

  • Chief information security officer
  • Security engineer
  • Information security manager
  • Information security officer
  • Information security analyst
  • Security Architect, IT

Each one of the above jobs promises a fat salary along with great growth opportunities. That’s why the CISSP course can be a life-changing program, which can give you an amazing career spurt.

Why is the CISSP certification so much esteemed?

The CISSP certification is considered one of the highest esteemed courses by ISC2. This is because this course is made to handle important job roles in information security management. Especially if you are keen for a job change, or want to relocate to another part of the country or the world with a new job in IT, then you certainly should get this certification. This adds a new dimension to your profile and makes you one of the most eligible candidates for security system handling and related jobs in IT. You would find recognition and demand anywhere in the world after this course completion.

The CISSP course emphasizes cultivating the management and implementation of the knowledge on the ground together. The professionals who complete this course learn to handle cybersecurity projects with a deep understanding and spearheads the projects as the leader with the skills of a good leader and manager. Also, they ensure they can get the project handled well through organized teamwork and effort. Therefore, a professional who has done CISSP gets eligible to handle a cybersecurity project right from inception to final implementation, and also can manage it in every step, guide others to follow and understand it, and troubleshoot things in between. Framing the concept of delivering the final output while monitoring, and adjusting things, needs great skills and grip on the subject, which can be gained with the course completion.

The course educates the professionals about real-world threats to cybersecurity. The threats are changing every day with the invention of better security models and software, patches, etc. The cybercriminals also are evolving their ways of breaching the security systems. Hence the vulnerabilities are changing and getting more potent with the increasing potency of the security systems. Therefore, the real-world project-based security issues must be learned, which the course helps learn and tackle.

Getting ready for CISSP

To get ready for the information security training program, you must be mentally ready that you will have to undergo several hours of training. And then the exam preparations would also demand extreme time and dedication. Although you are a working professional, still to grow in IT, you must be ready to give in that time and dedication.


CISSP can change your life and be the turning point for your IT career. You just have to believe in yourself, find a good institute for the course, and give this a solid try.

What Difference Can the CISSP Certification Make in Your IT Career?

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