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Website Features That Keep Customers Coming Back

Buy! Sign up! Subscribe! These are typically the first pop-ups that blast visitors when they click on a website for the first time. This is just the surface of many chronically dull and annoying web features, and the visitor is likely to exit the website immediately upon arriving. When people visit a website they want to feel in control and feel free of being hassled and constantly bargained with. Inconvenience doesn’t sell. Here are some things you can do to make interacting with your website easy and enjoyable.

Website Features That Keep Customers Coming Back

Formatting of Content

As unimportant as it might sound, this is the most visual aspect of the website. Content is read differently online than a magazine or a newspaper. Properly formatting your website can help boost the content rating in google and help bring more traffic to the website.

If emphasizing a certain portion of the website is an absolute necessity, do so sparingly. Bold, italic, or CAPITALS are often used to bring attention to the text. If overused they will lose their impact. Also, avoid centering the text of the website content, it makes it harder to read. Additionally, if your text is laid out into long over-explained paragraphs, try breaking it up with headings and bullet points.

When linking content to a separate URL, avoid using grey hyperlink language like “Click Here” as the anchor text. Instead, try using keywords that directly identify what the visitor will be clicking on. So if the link leads to another blog called “Step-by-Step Guide to Using Excel” try to utilize some of the headline keywords into the anchor text.

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A problem that careless website owners may run into is not respecting the copyrights of a certain image/video that they have unrightfully published on their website. This can lead to legal and money problems later. That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t incorporate pictures and videos, just ensure that it’s been cleared with the copyright owner, or at the very least, is given proper credit alongside the media.

Navigation and Forms

A well-navigated website allows the visitor to almost mindlessly make their way around the corners and bends of the menu. In a sense, the navigation adheres to conventional familiarities the visitors are expecting to find. The one thing in a website that should not require any explaining whatsoever is the navigation. This is how users buy, subscribe, and make contact. Do not overcomplicate the navigation by going rogue and customizing the bar menu. Visitors want a straightforward user experience with the absolute minimal effort.

For websites that require carefully written and organized forms to be filled out by a user, FillAnyPDF.com offers a free complete list of shared forms that are professionally designed to be electronically filled out, allowing digital signatures for official documentation.

Payment Platforms

Whether there is a product for sale or a donation page, the payment platforms must, at the very least, be secure, consistent and user-friendly. When a visitor is confused about how they’re supposed to pay, or if the payment option makes them feel insecure about entering their card and bank information, they will likely opt to withdraw from paying anything altogether. Quickbooks.com, a resource center for those that are self employed, says “There are nine types of invoices in accounts payable and accounts receivable procedures that you should be familiar with.” Visitors that are entrusting your website with their money want clear understandable platforms with a visible menu of acceptable payment options.

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As a side suggestion, give the convenience for both the visitor and the business and set up an option for automatic payment. This way the user isn’t hassled with an invoice every month, and can easily manage their account and the product they want online.

Online Presence

It’s almost unthinkable to imagine a website actively trying to find new visitors with dull to no presence online. Getting links to your website from other popular blogs and gathering a following on social media is a power-marketing resource. Websites need an image, not just a literal image, but how visitors see the website as a whole and what gives it a unique voice to the online world.

Engaging with visitors on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help keep those that don’t often check their emails for weekly newsletters in the loop for what’s out and what’s coming. This is what humanizes a business and allows room for expansion.

An online company can have a well-rounded marketing plan, but won’t gather much traffic if the website features are bothersome. When visitors happen upon a website, they want easy navigation, familiar features, and tools to explore.

Website Features That Keep Customers Coming Back


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