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Website Design Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

Top 7 Annoying Website Design Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

How annoying it is when you visit a website and get instantly bombarded with the unwanted features, cluttered layouts, weird fonts, obsolete animations etc. A website design can make or break its image. A designer can easily tell if the website is a bad one at one glance. Website having poor web design will drive your customers away. You might not know the mistakes you’re making and must be concerned how to fix the mistakes resulting in bringing a bad name to the website. In this article, we will discover some annoying web design mistakes that you must avoid to keep your customers pleased and grow the audience.

Website Design Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

  • Not mobile friendly

In the era of smartphone devices when a website is not mobile friendly, it loses all its credentials and visibility. It would be a huge mistake not to have a mobile-friendly website that works on all mobile devices. Creating a mobile-friendly website ensures that it will work fine on all screen sizes and take care of users interaction.

  • Hiding your content

Visitors come to your website when they’re looking for something. If they don’t find the information they’re looking for instantly they’ll end up getting frustrated and will leave the website. Therefore, it’s important to provide relative information to the users they’re looking for to give them a valuable user experience. Due to this, Google doesn’t rank your content and it will not appear in the search engine. Hiding your content will result in lack of visibility and users would not be able to find information related to your product and services.

  • Unwanted features and information
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Some designers believe adding more and more information will add value to their website. They fail to understand that the more information and features their website has, the more cluttered and chaotic it would seem. Overuse of features and information will complicate the user experience and will leave the user frustrated. Visitors come to your site to learn more about your business not to see how many features you can fit into a single layout and make it look messy.

  • Not including call to action (CTA’s)

A call-to-action will guide the user to move through the website. A new visitor coming to your site might not be familiar with how your website works or where to go. In this concern, you can guide your visitors through where to go call to actions such as “Click here” or “Buy Now”. This simplifies the user experience and makes the navigation easy.

  • Outdated web design

Every website should stay updated with the latest trends to provide users new information after some time. It should prompt users to revisit your site again to discover if there’s anything new on your site. One way which makes the website look outdated is not having an online social media presence and not providing information on social accounts. Make sure you use social media to provide links to your site and promote it on regular basis.

  • Advertisement pop-ups

Advertisements that automatically pop up are the most annoying mistake one can ever make. Ads popping up out of nowhere distract the users, especially the video ads that play automatically. This is one bad mistake that can drive the customer away from your site. Avoid the irrelevant pop-ups which are a huge turn off in website experience.

  • Lack of contact information
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This is yet another mistake that can leave the visitor annoyed. Not providing enough information such as email address, location, a contact number will leave the customer curious. He might end on another site that provides complete contact information. Providing information will surely drive users to the website and help build contact with the business.

Get visitors to your site

It’s all about visitors. Although there are many other elements essential to take care of, the visitor’s experience is the key reason that needs special attention. Work on providing a seamless experience to the user. Take their feedback and work along making improvements which will provide them a way to get a positive response and make your website successful.

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Website Design Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

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