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Webinars vs. Podcasts: How are They Different?

People often confuse webinars and podcasts, and some even think that these are simply two terms for the same thing. But, that is not true.

Both of these are different in many aspects and have their own set of pros and cons. Webinars are better for specific use-cases, while podcasts are better for others. But, before you can decide which one to use, you must first learn about the critical differences between these two.

Read on to find out the key aspects in which webinars and podcasts differ from each other. Based on this, you can decide which one is best for you.


Webinars usually include both audio and video. They also have visuals in the form of slides that you play as you talk about a topic.

On the other hand, podcasts are usually just audio and can be downloaded on your mobile devices from iTunes or Google Play. However, you can add a video to podcasts, and these are typically called “videocasts.”

Overall, in the most basic sense, podcasts are audio-only, and webinars have a multimedia format.


Webinars are usually streamed live with people expected to log in at a specific time to view them. This is because webinars are more interactive than podcasts and usually include an audience Q&A session.

You can, however, create automated webinars that do not need to be live-streamed. These can be viewed like any regular webinar, but are not interactive, which is the main advantage of webinars.

According to your convenience, podcasts don’t have any such limitation as they are pre-recorded, and you can stream them at any time. These are not interactive and are like any other audio that you can play on-the-go.

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Webinars usually call for registrations from people to participate and sometimes charge a fee. That is why webinars are often marketed to attract more people to register.

Podcasts are mostly offered for free and can be easily downloaded on your device.


Webinars have a smaller but more targeted audience. After all, anyone who pays to watch a webinar is interested in the topic.

Podcasts attract a much larger audience as they are available for free. So, even if someone is slightly intrigued by the topic, they may listen to it. Another reason why podcasts attract more leads is that these are available 24*7 and are not a one-time event like webinars.

Which One is Better?

The answer to this question depends more on your requirements than the inherent characteristics of webinars or podcasts. Neither is universally better.

For example, webinars might be better for teaching a course or for use-cases where interactivity is essential. Similarly, podcasts are better for providing information to a broader audience so that interaction is not required.

Overall, it is your call to decide which one of these suits your needs better. To learn more about the pros and cons of each, see this infographic, which was first published on FLOW.

Webinars vs. Podcasts: Are You Making the Right Choice?

Image Courtesy: FLOW

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Webinars vs. Podcasts: How are They Different?

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