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Web Or Mobile App Development – Which Is Best For A Startup?

If you are in the middle of launching a startup, you are just in the right place to decide whether it is better to go for the mobile web or a mobile application. According to the leading Zend Framework Development companies, one of these things should hold more relevance to you. One of them will make more sense for you than the other. Great! So, you’ve decided upon it and now it is time to start building it. But what! What is it going to be? Will it be a mobile website or a mobile app?

You just had it all figured out, what happened?

Well, you thought you had it all figured out but this decision is not going to be that easy. There are certain factors at play here and we are going to throw light on them one by one. This should help you decide what exactly you should do next.

How Much Budget Do You Have?

Isn’t this the first thing on your mind? Even your Mobile App Developer would ask you the same thing. Any new business or startup should always consider this before going online. How much money do you have in your pocket? Most experts would readily recommend you to develop a website first. You can then gradually move to a mobile app. It is easier and more affordable to get all the content on a single interface through a website which will require less work. User Interface of an app, on the other hand, needs to be adjusted for the working of each platform such as Android and iOS. This just makes more scope for higher spending and of course, you will have to shell out more cash!

Do You Care About The Speed?

Your customers don’t have the time or the patience for load times. They don’t even have time for themselves and it is like this everywhere in the world. They will not entertain you if you have something for them that takes more than 2 seconds to load. Whether it is a website or a mobile app, the user browsing, navigation, switching from one window to the next and of course final product selection and placement in the cart should take just a few taps. So, if you require higher integration of your customers with your business, you should choose to develop something that is seamless and blazing fast!

The Degree Of Accessibility

In this case, we will have to give it to mobile apps when it comes to interactiveness and immersion. An application lets the user access phone contacts, camera and location services, and many more such features which a website cannot. But, if you look at the interface of a good mobile site the user can navigate from their mobile browser to helper apps if he doesn’t have the time to install the mobile app. In any case, both a mobile application and a mobile website have to have all user-friendly features. If you fail to incorporate them, they will just end up annoying the user

Looking For A More Cost-Effective Option

Creating a sturdy and reliable mobile application can prove to be costlier than building a mobile site in some cases especially for startups. Mobile apps come with platform dependency. Needless to mention your Zend Framework Development Company may also have to develop different apps for different platforms and operating systems. A responsive website, on the other hand, will work well on all the platforms. So, the choice is clear here, isn’t it?

User Friendliness

Most mobile websites offer a static and navigational user interface. When it comes to using mobile apps you can easily provide your users with an interactive user interface. A responsive web design company also resolves much of the usability issues in many cases through what gives the mobile app an edge here is their native application. So, before making a choice, do consider the need of your business.

Looking For Wider Reach?

A website easily reaches out to more users when compared to a mobile app. A careful analysis of Google search traffic for a particular company proves that around 21% of their website traffic came from mobile devices during a given period of time. The rest came from desktop computers and tablets. So in the long run you will have to decide based on these numbers what would suit you better; a mobile website or a mobile application.

What Is The Frequency Of User Visits To Your App?

If your user prefers to visit your app a few times a day, then it’s probably a better idea to start with an app. It is more convenient for them. It is faster and keeps your users up to date with regular notifications. But the one common barrier that you as a startup will have to overcome here is slow launches. Your mobile app should not be slow to log in to, and/or slow to perform the desired actions. Some apps need access to a lot of things like the native apps of their phone such as the gallery or the phonebook and they also perform other functions such as add and edit your reminders, facilitate email subscriptions and/or integrate social media platforms and the like. These are the most demanding functions of an app which shouldn’t take much time to complete. So, this is another factor to consider.

Going Offline!

There are times when your user is going to face limited access to the internet. This is always a drag when you have mobile websites in action. Because of this, it becomes necessary to build complementary, location-dependent mobile apps. This is one battle between mobile apps and websites where the app beats websites hands down.

Some very relevant examples of such offline apps are:

  • Google Maps which enables users to download offline maps to use
  • Dictionaries which can easily translate something without any internet connection
  • Tripadvisor because this allows you to download a city guide and you can discover the most visited places, the best restaurants and everything you need without going online!

Final Words

Again, this is going to be your decision entirely. It is your startup, your brainchild, and your dream. It is going to be you who would decide what gets to be an integral part of its success. Whether it is an app or a website, it should function as you want it to.

Web Or Mobile App Development – Which Is Best For A Startup?

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