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Why Most Web Designers Suck

Does anyone else just feel like web designers suck? I’m not saying all web designers but the vast majority of the people who claim to be web designers are just awful. While some are just bad at their job and don’t deliver good, quality work, others are just lacking in the customer service department or are just flat-out unethical.

The infographic below goes into great detail about the five main areas where most web designers fall short. I think the reason for the lack of professionalism in the field is because the idea of being a web designer is quite attractive. Think about it. You don’t need an office or a staff or any fancy equipment. All you need is a laptop and the courage to sell yourself as a web designer to get started. The overhead is low and all it takes to get started is a couple people willing to pay you.

As a result, every Tom, Dick and Harry has decided to call themselves a web designer, but man do they fall short of being on the level of say a New York or Los Angeles Web Design Agency. Web designers who start out are notorious for just vanishing mid-project and stop returning phone calls and emails.

Maybe you’ve heard the horror stories and maybe you haven’t. The sad truth is that it doesn’t take much poking around on Google or Yelp to find some of these horror stories to read for yourself. Some people have even filed lawsuits as a result of some horrible contracts they’ve ended up in (what a joke!).

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If you are thinking of hiring a professional web design firm, you should read through the five points infographic below to learn about what to watch out for before engaging in a web designer’s services.

Why Most Web Designers Suck

Why Most Web Designers Suck

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