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Worried about Landing Page Conversions? Implement These 5 Best Web Design Principles to See the Magic

The usability, design, and content of your whole website affect how prospective customers view your brand.

Having said that, the importance of an attractive and sensible page gets to the head on your landing pages.

Your whole website might be suitable in various places for your different users. But the landing pages are personalized for action.

As a result, the conversion performance is quite important.

The actual power of landing pages comes from their capability to:

  • Generate leads – landing pages were designed to achieve this and their performance fuels your entire business
  • Discover Demographic Data – information collected regarding a lead from a landing page is important for realizing the customer
  • Guide users to decide – when performed well, information and action is presented for users to ensure that making a choice is easy

Landing pages become an important element for your lead generation campaigns when they work pretty well.

That’s why web designers focus on developing a powerful landing page that includes more than just designing something that “looks great”. It also involves providing customers what they really want.

Now let’s take a look at the steps to make landing pages suit your needs.

How to Build Effective Landing Pages that Improve Conversion with Web Design Principles

What can you expect from your website?

It provides you the chance to teach and influence your prospective customers across a number of pages.

On the other side, landing pages just provide you with a single shot.

Listed below are the five valuable web design principles for developing landing pages that help you improve conversion rate.

Convenient Navigation

Web Design for Landing Page ConversionsSo, what’s a landing page?

To put it simply, it’s just one particular page on your website.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we would like to grab visitors there.

While this is not really necessary to cover them with contents; you can find an effective approach to direct searching minds throughout your website.

Research about landing pages discovered that the standard amount of navigation elements is 4.

Now, what would happen if you minimize yourself to only a few navigation options?

First, it leads you to choose properly about what pages and information would greatly serve the sort of user that will check out the page.

Second, users won’t get overwhelmed.

A few typical navigation items contain:

  1. Pages for your services and products,
  2. Pricing, and
  3. Who it is made for.

One best practice of navigation for landing pages is to use “sticky navigation”. A recent case study shows that 63% of landing pages use such navigation.

Attention Grabbing Offer Above the Fold

Attention Grabbing Offer Above the Fold

Undoubtedly, the copy and content of your landing page can really make a difference.

On the flip side, their placement and design have an effect as well.

Your landing page copy design should have two things.

It needs to have a clean appearance and easy to read.

Besides, your impressive offer needs to go above the fold.

Because it sets a user’s whole focus on what you have to point out.

Lastly, the placement at the quite top represents it’s the first element they’ll notice.

The element that you want to put above the fold, doesn’t have to be an actual image. It could be animation or a video to describe better your importance that showcases how their service or product works.

Accurate Space Around Content

Accurate Space Around Content

Like human beings, contents also need to breathe.

That means “white-space”.

But parts of the landing page should be spaced out as much as necessary.

This is just to ensure that it is simple to read and not frustratingly-cramped.

The truth is, both long and short examples of profitable landing pages is available.

“Have you noticed Mailchimp’s white space? It has plenty of it around items with a lengthy page. This is just to ensure that every single section has attention placed only on it. Although the page is lengthy, it provides pretty much effective and lovely experience for the user”.

Visual Social Proof for Higher Authority

Visual Social Proof for Higher Authority

Having social proof as case studies, testimonials, famous brands who use your service or product, number of customers, or even press mentions could be effective.

Make sure to present them in a proper way.

One best way to make social proof work great for the landing page is to include visuals.

The benefits? It will enhance the testimonials.

Bold and Clear Call-to-Action

Bold and Clear Call-to-Action
There’s absolutely no escaping the value of the CTA, specifically on a landing page.

The main goal of a landing page is to encourage action and grow leads volume.

You better feel you should spend your time testing and improving it.

Apart from your copy, appealing and bold buttons will drastically assist your landing page conversion goals.

Now, what does appealing and bold mean?

An ideal CTA button of your landing page should be in a color that intensely contrasts your page around it.

It should be sufficiently big not to be glossed over.

The CTA button shouldn’t be accompanied by a lot of elements that hide its value.

CTA buttons need to have white space as well!

Try “the blur test” to ensure the CTA is bold enough to catch the user’s attention. It works really great!

What’s Next?

By using the web design principles we’ve discussed so far, you’ll actually start in advance of the competition.

Yet, it’s vital to analyze your landing page elements and design to improve conversion rates.

By working on this, you’ll move in depth ahead of the pack, as 61% of businesses run 7 or fewer tests monthly on their site.

Even landing pages or websites that have done well previously may quickly fall off on performance.

Things that you can analyze include layout, page length, white space, copy, the pages you navigate to, and of course; even green and blue CTA buttons.

Build a structured A/B testing technique to ensure testing is optimized and insights are clear. Try this rather than trying different landing page elements randomly.

However, even the most precisely organized A/B tests may not explain the entire story.

Therefore, it’s vital to use heat maps together with A/B testing to have full knowledge of what your visitors react to on your website.”

Now it’s your turn to implement the above-mentioned web principles to your landing page.

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Author Bio: Shuvrodip Ghosh is a highly passionate content creator and SEO Analyst currently working for SEO Audit Agency. He loves to create technology-related articles for enormous user engagement.

Web Design for Landing Page Conversions

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