Web Analytics and Insights

Every day we are bombarded with data. And without insights, data is just noise. Our job is to analyze your data and offer evidence-based insights to improve conversions, increase sales, optimize the customer experience, and make your business a success.

Web Analytics and Insights

The only way to understand what works is to try new things, but test the responses – we call this A/B testing.  “The respondents clicked twice as often when the button was green.”

  • User Experience audit
  • Ongoing, site-wide optimization
  • A/B & MV testing
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • KPI specific dashboards & custom reports
  • Monthly analysis, reporting, and recommendations
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Heatmap implementation & analysis
  • User feedback research
  • Advanced tracking implementation

Experimentation helps you to figure out the best strategy that suits your business. Because not all customers are alike, testing helps you determine who responds to what.  Change your writing style, change your look-n-feel of ads, change where you place ads, and ultimately measure the results.

Google Analytics – We’ll audit your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set-up to make sure it’s collecting accurate data and reporting on the metrics that matter. We then analyze your data to uncover the insights that add real strategic value supported by actionable recommendations.

Social Media Analysis – Discover how effective each channel is working at driving your customers to your sites to allocate your media spends most effectively. Our goal is to turn insights into conversion improvements using statistically valid methods.

Tailored metrics to measure efforts and ROI – As the process begins to mature and is tested, then underlying metrics should be developed to increase conversion and drive the ROI of the marketing efforts. As a rule, digital marketing budgets should be between 5-10% of revenues.

We work with clients at every stage of the measurement lifecycle, from Google Analytics audits, strategy and configurations, to advanced digital intelligence programs.

Our goal is to leverage data insights to power smarter decisions, deliver more targeted advertising, enhance customer experiences, and drive sales.

Web Analytics and Insights