Ways Website Design Can Grow Your Business

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It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; a website is an essential business tool. Nowadays, when we live in a digital world, e-commerce is constantly growing, and it is a must-have. Having a great web design is one of the most effective growth tools for a business. However, a good-looking site is no longer enough – it needs to actively work for you by attracting new business and driving your company forward, because as we’re aware: poor design can kill your business.

However, we don’t want to go there. Instead, we want to help you design a website to GROW your business. Wonder how?

Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks on making your website design better and working for you instead of against you!

1.    Make sure to have a clean design

When it comes to design or anything in general: Less is more! Having a clean web design can help visitors find whatever they need, fast and easy, and easier to use. Having a clean, minimalist website limits the number of options on that site, which means you also improve the user experience. It also makes the website load faster because of the fewer animations and pictures it contains. If you don’t want your website to be slow, check our #2 tip to make it faster.

2.    Page speed is a must!

When it comes to loading websites, page speed is essential because nobody wants to click on a website that takes FOREVER to load. We are living in a digital world. Waiting is not an option anymore. However, there’s almost always a solution for every problem.

One of the main reasons some pages take a while to load could be anything from server load time to image size to the number of redirects you might have. The other times could be HTTP requests, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript errors.

A skilled designer will know how and what to use in their web design to enable developers to provide maximum speed when building websites.

3.    Responsive Website

While it is essential to have a website that works well on the desktop screen, it is now even more critical to work best on other screens, such as tablets and phones. A website is responsive if it can adapt to the client’s screen, whether the desktop screen, tablet, or phone. Creating a responsive website will help your visitors not only check out your website while they’re on their computer or laptop but also their phone or tablet.

Having a responsive layout is one of the first steps to have a fully responsive website. The second one is more of a modern website aspect, such as images, videos.

And the third step is definitely crucial, and that is typography, but this one is often neglected by developers when it comes to responsive websites. Professional web designers will know the adequate adjustment for each detail and the right corners of different screens to make the page run smoothly.

So, to sum it all up, here’s what you need to do to have a responsive website:

  • The Layout
  • Media
  • Typography

4.    Get familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but how many of us know about SEO? We’ll give you tips that you need to know to get your website optimized.

The first thing you need to know about SEO is that it falls into two main areas.

  • On-Page SEO (30%)
  • Off-Page SEO (70%)

Since this article is based on web design, you should focus more on On-Page SEO as a web designer or developer. Here are some of the things that you need to focus to:

  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • Meta descriptions
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Headings
  • Alt tags

5.    Consider hiring a company that creates websites

Okay, look, perhaps you tried all the tips and tricks that we suggested, or even you Google’d more articles related to this, watched tons of YouTube videos, asked your cousin that your aunt told you that they know anything related to web design. However, they work as a business analyst – and yet, you still don’t know how to figure this out. Therefore, you still don’t know how to make a website design work for your business and gain many clients.

No worries, there are a lot of companies that offer services, such as web design services. If you go to Google and search for ‘web-design companies’, you’ll see many companies nearby your area, or you can even hire companies that work remotely, especially now during COVID-19; it is a very significant way to work internationally with great companies.

The good news is, you’ll have your website set up in a brief period!


Web design is essential for your business to grow. Having a well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your customers, and it also provides a good user experience. We hope that our tips and tricks will help you on your journey to growing your business!

Ways Website Design Can Grow Your Business

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