Ways to Streamline Your Online Delivery Orders

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Ways to Streamline Your Online Delivery Orders

As more and more people continue to shop online, there is growing competition among e-commerce businesses. There are many aspects involved in an online order, from when a customer places an order to when they receive their delivery. And it doesn’t stop there. Post-purchase customer experience and satisfaction are other aspects to factor in. To give your customer an excellent shopping experience, it is imperative to streamline your order and provide easy ways to deal with missing package USPS  problems. Follow basic streamlining procedures to boost your company in sales and build a loyal customer base. The main focus areas to streamline an online order are receiving orders, packaging, and dispatching, shipping, returns, and refunds.

Receiving Orders

Before an order is even placed, it is important to keep stock of your inventory. Inventory management is an essential part of streamlining your order process. Conduct barcode scans of items in your warehouse to ensure you have stock for customer orders. Automate your inventory system to minimize human error. When an order is received, send out tracking information so that the customer can track the progress of their order. You can send a receipt confirmation email with a tracking number and an estimated arrival date. The latest advances in technology allow automatic solutions to enhance business operations. Make use of the latest automated system to increase your productivity.

Packaging and Dispatching

Once an order is received and picked up from the warehouse, the next step is to ensure that the packaging is done correctly. Packing involves selecting the right size and kind of boxes, using protective materials for fragile items, weighing the final package, printing out the labels and invoices, and sticking them to the boxes. Choose your protective materials wisely and use those that do not add much weight to the package. Print out clear labels and use good, strong stickers and tapes. As packers do packing, it is essential to streamline the packing process for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Packers wrap packages safely depending on the fragility of the item and seal the packages to tamper-proof them. Use shipping software to mark it shipped when the order is dispatched and notify the customer.


Shipping is another important step to streamline for efficient and excellent service. Partner with a shipping company that gives you the fastest delivery at the lowest costs. Choose one that is reliable, responsible, and fast.

Free shipping is one crucial factor that encourages customers to shop more and engage in less cart abandonment because of extra shipping costs. Other shipping strategies you can consider include:

  • Flat rate shipping cost where you can charge a single shipping rate for all packages irrespective of their size and weight.
  • Expedited shipping rates where you can charge a little more than standard shipping rates to send a package faster. For example, two-day shipping, next-day delivery, same-day service, or overnight shipping.
  • International shipping involves calculating shipping rates to different countries.

Use a software system to integrate your packing and shipping to give your customers shipping options. Customers can choose how they prefer to receive their packages. Recommend safe shipping options like using Stowfly to receive their packages securely. Stowlfy services is a safe way to receive packages and tackle the issues of missing packages in NYC.  

Returns and Refunds

There would be times when a customer would want to make a return or ask for a refund because of an unsatisfactory product, a wrong shipment, or wrong size, etc. You should have a systematic order return or refund policy, whatever the reasons. Please make sure the return and refund policy should be visible to the customer when they are placing their order. Also, you need to include the conditions under which an item or product can be returned or refunded. Some of the main or important conditions to keep in mind are:

  • The state or condition of the item, i.e., if the item needs to be in original condition or not.
  • The number of days within which an item can be returned or be refunded.
  • Will you pay for the cost of return shipping, or will the customer pay for it?
  • Will you provide an option of either refund or store credit?
  • Will the returned item be acceptable only in original packaging, or will any packaging?
  • Will you send out a return address label along with the item in the original packaging just in case a customer might want to return it?
  • It would be best to make sure that there is a fault-free replacement item in your inventory to ship back to your customer. 
  • The refund process.

Streamlining your online delivery process will keep your customers happy and retain them to keep coming back for more. In addition, it reduces cost and needles work and significantly improves company productivity and profitability.

Ways to Streamline Your Online Delivery Orders

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