Ways to Build a More Secure Mobile App
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Ways to Build a More Secure Mobile App

Today, mobile app security is not a luxury or a benefit; it is a necessity. With online breaches becoming more prominent and frequent, not investing in security during mobile app development could cost a business valuable capital, as well as a loss of trust. 

Often, sensitive information is shared across mobile apps, and, therefore, every business needs to make security a priority when deciding to develop a mobile app. It is also important to ensure businesses work with experienced and skilled remote developers who know to implement the correct security features during the development process. 

Why Security Should Be a Priority During Every Phase of Mobile App Development

With 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020 alone, apps have become incredibly important to modern businesses. However, security issues are often overlooked during mobile app development, and security features are not always implemented at every phase of the development project. As a result, mobile apps’ security issues and vulnerabilities can lead to a range of disastrous breaches. Some of these include: 

  • Sensitive data can be hacked. 

Mobile apps are usually designed to acquire leads and sales. For this purpose, the users’ data is needed. If robust security lacks, hackers can easily get access to this data. 

  • Access to mobile device information

When users install a rogue mobile app, it can easily open the door for cybercriminals to collect additional personal information from users’ mobile devices. This can include access to emails, phone records, and contacts. 

  • Increase risk of viruses 

A mobile app with poor security features can raise the risk of being exposed to harmful viruses. So, once users download the app, their smartphones can potentially be infected with these viruses.

These breaches can be incredibly damaging to businesses, especially because it decreases trust and signals incompetence. For businesses that have experienced breaches with their mobile apps, they have had to pay millions in damages and spent a lot of time regaining their customers’ support. 

To avoid this, it is vital for businesses to monitor security at every stage of the app development and carefully evaluate every change to ensure no vulnerabilities are overlooked. 

Ways to Build a More Secure Mobile App

According to Intertrust, 83% of mobile apps have at least one security defect. This can leave users vulnerable. It is the responsibility of the development team to do everything possible to protect its app users. Ways teams can bring security into their apps include: 

  • Writing secure code

Hackers use bugs and vulnerabilities to break into an application. Therefore, freelance developers should pay careful attention to the code they use to build an application. It should be tough to break but also agile to ensure updates can be made when needed. 

  • Encrypting all data

Every piece of data that is shared over a mobile app must be encrypted. Encryption involves encoding data so that only authorized individuals can understand it. 

  • Using only authorized APIs 

APIs that are poorly coded and not authorized can unintentionally give hackers privileges that can be abused. It is recommended that APIs are authorized centrally to ensure maximum security. This also makes it easier for coders to use the APIs. 

  • Using extra authentication

Authentication involves passwords and other private identifiers acting as barriers to access a mobile app. Remote developers should ensure that they include the right features to encourage end-users to use all the authentication measures. 

  • Testing frequently 

Ensuring the security of a mobile app never ends. Throughout the development process and after the app has been launched, testing should be made a priority. Through testing, new threats can emerge, and solutions can be found in due time. 

Businesses that want to invest in mobile app development to improve their customer journey and experience should ensure they work with experienced and skilled developers. This will guarantee they implement the above security measures from start to finish. For modern businesses, it is often more beneficial to work with remote software developers. This gives businesses access to a larger pool of talent. The cost of remote developers is also more cost-effective compared to hiring an in-house team. A dedicated programmer’s salary is typically negotiable, ensuring it suits the business’ budget. 

Invest in Trust With Secure Mobile Development 

Big mobile app security breaches have forced everyone to take notice of the significance of cybersecurity in the past. In the future, all parties, including businesses and consumers, will be taking security more seriously than ever before. Security is now one of the biggest differentiators in the success of mobile apps. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced and skilled remote development team and ensure every possible security feature is implemented throughout the development process.

Ways to Build a More Secure Mobile App

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