Ways to Boost Your Brand Value and Loyalty

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Ways to Boost Your Brand Value and Loyalty

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Anybody with a smartphone and signal can shop from just about anywhere. Changing your focus may improve your marketing results if your services and product lines are available on the web, but you’re struggling to build a client base.

Ways to Boost Your Brand Value and Loyalty

Focus On the Success of Your Clients

If you have a client or potential client that you’ve been pursuing, sign up for notifications from their website. Send them a thumbs up or a handwritten note if they share a success. If you notice that they are featured in a community event or a fundraiser, show up and get your name on the program as a donor.

Celebrate their success by letting them know that you can make it even better. For example, send them a brochure on your packing service successes and rates if they’re opening a new location and you’re a moving coordinator. Line up your references before you send this, so they don’t have to struggle for a testimonial.

Create a Community

Recent world events have left many of us feeling rather isolated. Community is hard to build when you can’t go anywhere. To avoid this isolation among your clients, take an NFT masterclass so you can create non-fungible tokens specific to your business. Sharing NFTs with your client base can create a sense of community once they are minted. You can also share an NFT with a potential client that you know from your industry. Carefully review social media and business connections related to your current clients on LinkedIn; your minted NFT can quickly be added to your graphic library for sharing with these possible connections.

Empower Your Employees

Make sure your employees are allowed to stretch their creative muscles. Your employees may or may not be more digitally skilled than you are. However, every employee has problem-solving skills that can increase your professional reach.

Be sure to celebrate the employees who meet your clients where they are. Each project starts with an estimate. Many businesses have extremely tech-savvy clients, but you may have a potential customer who is struggling to

    • pick up electronic documents
    • apply a digital signature
    • send the documents back easily

An employee who is a bit older or who has strong empathic and teaching skills could be the person to problem solve and serve this client creatively. If that means they send and receive successful fax, so be it.

Share Your Story

Create a blog for your website that includes your personal story. Open up about your struggles and successes. Not every goal is met; your coping skills and ultimate outcomes could be incredibly inspiring. If you’re not a writer, hire a freelancer and be ready to share frank ideas and experiences in a series of interviews.

Consider also participating in podcasts and serving as a guest on other blogs. Related industries will give you many opportunities to share your expertise as a teaser while you help your fellow businesspeople to succeed. Endless competition is seldom healthy; sharing your story on the platforms of related businesses can expand access to others who can be good for your business.

Always Be Collecting Data

While surveying your existing clients is important, gathering data on their goals is more important. For example, if you know that a client is considering retirement or looking to expand, you can tailor your services to their future goals and current life concerns.

Knowing the demographics of your client base is an excellent start. Then, you can target your marketing tools to their stage of life. For example, if your business offers design and decor and your client base is aging, create a design layout that features a down-sized home all on one level and focuses on kitchens and baths. If your business is related to organizing the home or simplifying the workspace, ensure your design images feature living and working spaces that include indirect lighting above and below large furniture pieces.

Conclusion – 

Life is constantly evolving for your clients. The empty-nester demographic is under a lot of pressure now; they may be considering selling their home but struggling to downsize. Others may be expanding their businesses while their family grows. Your business needs to offer them options that work for their lives.

Ways to Boost Your Brand Value and Loyalty

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