Vivaldi’s Two-Level Tab Stacks- Enjoy an Improved Mobile Browsing Experience

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Vivaldi's Two-Level Tab Stacks - Enjoy an Improved Mobile Browsing Experience

When it comes to accessing the internet on Android mobiles, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari are not the limited options. There are several best mobile browsers, and Vivaldi is one of them. Vivaldi has recently launched its 5.0 update for Android devices that brings a lot of exciting features and options to the table. Two-Level Tab Stacks for Android Mobile is an innovative mobile browsing option that other mobile browsers don’t offer.

Vivaldi’s Two-Level Tab Stacks for Android Mobile

Vivaldi’s Two-Level Tab Stacks for Android mobile gives users the option to have two different tab bars to view and manage opened tabs conveniently. This makes mobile browsing easier for people who need to have multiple tabs open on a mobile browser. In addition, a user can create new tab stacks for matching tabs to enjoy clutter-free browsing on mobile. Vivaldi is the first mobile browser ever to introduce this feature in a mobile browser.

It is very easy to create a new tab stack on the browser. A user will need to long-press the new tab button and select the tab stack from the displayed options. Dragging one tab to another matching tab is easier to create a new tab stack on your Vivaldi browser. Once a new stack is created successfully, all the matching tabs can be viewed instantly in the second tab bar.

The new tab stacks created are separated with an appealing while outline. A single tap on the newly created tack will show all the nestled tabs on the second row. A user can create plenty of new tab stacks per individual needs and rename them for effective organization.

Vivaldi has added a new, improved tab interface feature in its 5.0 update to make working with tabs fun. The new configurable tab bar is flexible and provides you with new tab management options to optimize how you can view tabs in your mobile browser. For example, a user can decide whether to show the ‘X’ button on background tabs and for one that is active. Toggling the cross button off provides more room for the tab title, favicon, etc. Furthermore, a user can also shrink the tab to the size of a favicon. No tab tiles and ‘X’ buttons are shown in this mode. In this way, users can manage the tab bar to effectively browse on both small and big screens for an improved browsing experience.

Vivaldi 5.0 Update for Bigger Screens (Android tablets and Chromebooks)

Vivaldi’s updated version 5.0 is also optimized for bigger Android screens. Vivaldi for tablets has a new side panel. The panel section can be seen on the left side of the screen. It allows users to instantly access details like history, bookmarks, downloads, notes, and other browser tools. The users can easily toggle on or off the panel bar by tapping the top left corner of the address bar. In addition, Vivaldi for tablets comes with a desktop-style tab to make tab management and browsing easier for users. You can also choose to hire the android system status bar to enjoy a full-screen browsing experience. In this way, more screen space can be used to get the most out of mobile browsing.

The intuitive user interface for bigger screens works well for portrait and landscape modes to improve the web browsing experience on tablet PCs and Chrome books. Not only this, a user can toggle on or off dark mode for specific tabs and pages to elevate the browsing experience at night. This feature allows users to turn dark mode on or off for pages of their liking.

It’s over to you!

Vivaldi is updated to stand out on Android devices by providing its users with a streamlined mobile browsing experience with many features and options. By updating your Vivaldi browser to its latest version, you can do more and have fun while doing it.

Vivaldi’s Two-Level Tab Stacks – Enjoy an Improved Mobile Browsing Experience