Video SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google
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Video SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

When you create a YouTube video, you want it to maximize its reach, and for that, there are many things you can do. One of the things every YouTuber should try is to rank videos on Google. 

If you can ensure that your videos come on the first page of Google search results, you can guarantee good views every day on your videos. To rank your YouTube videos on Google, you will need to work on Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this article, we will understand the term Video SEO and how you can use it.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is a process of making creative and technical adjustments to your video distribution to increase traffic to video content on Google (and other search engines). Search engines look at videos differently than images. Images are indexed and ranked files, but videos are viewed as a media element part of a wider page. When Google indexes a video, the page on which the video is categorized further is a video page. 

It enables different behavior in search result pages. Therefore, video SEO is one of the major factors for good Google ranking. 

Check out the below-mentioned Video SEO  statistics mentioned below, which prove that you, too, should get started with Video SEO:

  • In Google, video results have a 50x higher chance of being ranked organically than text-based results.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of video search results is 41% greater than text-based results.
  • A video on a blog article increases its likelihood of appearing on Google’s first page by 53 times.
  • It comparing blog postings that are only text-based to those that include videos, search traffic for the former increases by 157%.

Nowadays, YouTube is not just an entertainment platform. YouTube is also used as an SEO and SEM Services platform. Hence,  it is very important to rank YouTube videos high on Google. Check out the below tips that will help you. 

What are the Tips to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

Below are some tips that can help you rank your YouTube videos on Google

  • Optimize your video details: 

The first tip is optimizing the controllable metadata once the video is uploaded. Next, you need to figure out and match the searcher intent of the keyword you plan to rank for. Spend time understanding the best content to give in the title, description, and tags, so it matches the searcher’s intent.

For video Titles, you don’t have to focus on keywords to rank for specific terms in Google searches. However, your tile should look like a process to answer the query of the keyword a user has searched on Google. 

Focus on your YouTube video description – you can use it as a Meta description similar to what you use on a website. You can use this space to include editorial details and make clear the context and the content of your video. The last part is tags – they may not significantly impact your rankings, but you can put a small effort into adding them.

  • Focus on creating an optimized video: 

Creating an optimized video is a separate topic; we are not going into the details. However, from a Video SEO perspective – your video should have features like ‘suggested clips. The feature can significantly boost your video views. Let us look at the suggested clips as a process and not technical and how it helps improve ranking. You must use simple language and actionable verbs to describe each step in the video. 

For example, if your video is about cooking rice, you must explain each step without any distractions between the instructions. Other ways to optimize your video is – to have clear and high-quality audio (use a decent microphone to get better results) and show what you are talking about on the screen (graphics, images, animated videos, etc.).

  • Have key moments: 

Additional links appear in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) below your video listing. You can think of them as chapters in your videos, and they direct users to different sections (chapters) of your video. 

It is one of the most crucial features to rank your videos on Google. It allows you to take up more screen space on the results page. Also, it provides more links to your video, which help you generate more clicks from search. Does it sound like a lot of effort? Include timecodes and chapter names in the video description, each separated by a hyphen, to include crucial points easily.

  • Upload an attractive thumbnail: 

You may do all the above steps perfectly, but if you fail to upload an enticing thumbnail to your video, you won’t get many clicks on Google, even if you rank high. To get the perfect thumbnail – don’t capture it from your video (most people do it) but create it separately and with a correct aspect ratio (16:9). If you can, make a thumbnail that shows how the video answers the user’s question.

  • Links and Shares:

 Last on the list is to optimize off-page SEO factors. You have to think about how to get natural links to the video in question. There are a lot of strategies you can follow to implement this tip. You can do this through your other assets or someone else’s assets. Here is an essential thing to know related to this tip – embedded YouTube video is (in some sense) equivalent to a link/share. Videos that are widely embedded tend to rank better – an important factor in determining the authority of your YouTube video.


Once you implement the above tips, we hope you will start seeing your videos do better. Once you get views, it motivates you to make more useful content for users. So what is stopping you now? Get started today!

Author Details : 

Bhavesh Shah is a co-founder at the USdigisupport, and works closely on client relationship management, bringing out-of-the-box ideas to grow the business. He oversees Business development and day-to-day execution of strategic planning and looks after customer service & delivery. Follow us on the official social handles of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Video SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

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