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Video Marketing for eCommerce Business: 5 Best Tips that will Help you Sell More

Video Marketing for eCommerce Business: 5 Best Tips that will Help you Sell More

Video marketing has become one of the digital business’s best marketing strategy trends. This type of content is relatively easier to attract the audience’s interest than images or text.

The audio and visual aspects make it easy for people to receive the information contained in it quickly. Therefore, many marketers from various industries, primarily e-commerce, use video marketing to spread brand awareness and increase conversion sales.

Thus, if you run an eCommerce business, having video marketing in your marketing strategy is a great way to make your e-commerce business stand out in the market. That way, you can easily win the heart of potential customers and be able to compete with other companies.

So, it is crucial to consider using different strategies to help you generate more customers and increase conversion sales.

5 Best Tips that will Help you Sell More

Here are five best tips that will help your eCommerce business sell more through video marketing:

1. Use Storytelling to Establish a Personal Connection

Telling your origin stories will help your eCommerce business stand out and is a great way to get your customers engaged. Most people are no longer interested in hard selling, which shows a frontal product promotion. It will just kick them out of your videos.

So, build an exciting story about your business journey or e-commerce products through video marketing, like explainer videos. It can build more connections with audiences in an emotional and personal way.

An attractive narrative is the power of video marketing content to reach a wider audience. A personal approach through stories will indirectly build and strengthen engagement with the audience. This way, the audience will have a more profound impression of your products.

2. Add Product Videos to Make Your Landing Pages Pop

A website is one of the best ways to connect and build relationships with potential customers. So, adding product videos to your landing pages will give a golden opportunity for your eCommerce business to gain more traffic.

A product video is a must-have video for every business to help customers learn about the product’s details. It will automatically keep your visitors from spending more time on your website and give your content more exposure. 

Thus, it is necessary to embed attractive product videos on your website’s landing pages to make your website pop and encourage regular visits from your audience. 

3. Embed Animated Videos to Email Marketing Efforts

Most people like animated videos because of their attractive and eye-catching visuals. It can be another way of attracting customers’ attention through email marketing. Video in email marketing can increase CTR by as much as 300%.

These can be compelling animated commercials in your email marketing strategy when your eCommerce business launches a new product. That way, you can quickly increase customer engagement and conversion sales.

4. Get More “How-to” Videos

The next tip is to create more how-to videos, or tutorial videos, in your eCommerce marketing. When people struggle to use some products, they tend to open google or YouTube to search for a tutorial video that can help them solve their problems. 

That’s why it has become the most sought-after type of video in the eCommerce business world. This type of content gives you tutorials on using a product or service.

However, you still must be careful because useful content must be more than just promotion and soft selling. You can also collaborate with YouTubers or influencers to make this one video.

5. Create Testimonial Videos to Do the Selling

Let the testimonial videos work for the rest of your marketing campaign. It is another excellent way to help you sell more because these days, people tend to find reviews before finally purchasing a product. Thus, they rely on other customers’ reviews in their decision-making.

That’s why it’s important always to give good service to customers as their words work powerfully. So, save your energy by collecting numbers of satisfied customers to make it a whole video. It will help you bring good impressions to your viewers or potential customers about your products.


These days, the e-commerce business is increasing from year to year. It causes the competition to get tougher. 

Therefore, if you run an eCommerce business, it is time to make a new strategy to make your products stand out among others. Video marketing is one of the best solutions for your eCommerce business.

Not only is its strength able to introduce your product to wider audiences but also able to increase your conversion sales. By implementing the five video marketing tips mentioned above, you will be able to compete in today’s digital business world.

Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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Video Marketing for eCommerce Business: 5 Best Tips that will Help you Sell More

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