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Video blogs are a visual representation of a specific topic, just like a blog is explanatory in written words. The benefit of the vlog is videos are personality-driven and follow a non-scripted approach which fosters better audience engagement. Individuals and companies use vlogging to document the business journey, share product launches, reviews and any other type of content that interests the audience.

Companies use vlogs to share their daily journey to build a relationship with their audience. Individuals also document their workday and share it with their audience. Several YouTube celebrities vlog regularly about engaging topics. After a few years of active engagement and a high number of followers for their channel, YouTube even pays them.

Several YouTube channel owners use paid advertisement in their videos after their channel becomes popular. Since video logs are an equivalent of reality television, it generated a high number of viewers.

Shopping sprees/hauls

Shopping spree videos are traditionally known as haul videos. They focus on people shopping for particular products. The female audience widely accepts such videos due to a natural inclination to shopping. Viewers get an idea of the things available at said localities, latest fashion trends; can compare prices with the variety shown on the video of different channels.

Shopping spree videos cater to beauty, fashion and lifestyle segments. Individuals develop their personal brand by creating such videos and are considered online influencers for the part for the kind of videos that are most received. Brands also engage in influencer marketing as long as the products being purchased match the type of products that the channel viewers love.

Educational videos

Organizations like TED and National Geographic share educational videos. Several companies are into online education that has online tutoring and recorded videos for their audience. The Educational videos belong to an evergreen vertical as the content remains relevant for years. Videos related to technology termed progressive since the content creator launches fresh video content for the latest technology.

Educational videos are tapped by large organizations, companies, educational institutions, tutoring centers and individuals who specialize in it. Educational video content includes How To’s, content for a young audience, and any informative and thought-provoking content for a different segment of the audience. There is no limit to the amount of content that can be created for this segment because it could be for animals, schools, products, services, lifestyle, hacks, travel, food, and much more.

Funny videos

Funny videos are most sought-after since there is no particular segment of the audience that is targeted by the video content creators. Many YouTube channels create rich content. It is up to the viewers to pick the kind of videos that match their taste. Both companies and individuals create funny videos.

Animals doing funny things are usually a large segment of funny videos. Such videos can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Parodies are a specialist type of comedy videos. This can be most difficult to create as they have to be well-written and performed to connect with their audiences. There are several parody video channels online. Some of them make parodies of music videos.

Videos featuring pranks, practical jokes are also viral. Some videos are shot intentionally and some others on unintentional audiences. These are among the most shared videos on social media platforms.

Comedy and sketch videos amuse audiences. A sense of humor can be quite personal, but there are plenty of YouTube channels that portray sketch videos in a way they seem fit and viewers get to pick the kind they like. Such YouTube channels generate audiences higher than many network comedy television shows.

Live Streaming

Live-stream videos have gained immense popularity. Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope are used by businesses to broadcast live to their audiences. Live streaming hook people because they are suspenseful. The viewers don’t know what is going to happen next and they have a fear of Missing Out (FOMO) on the most important things.

Live streaming gets ten times more engagement than regular videos. Live videos allow instant interaction with the audience and so it is widely accepted. The broadcaster gets to interact with a community in real-time and makes it feel like an actual live event. Live streaming works exponentially for businesses. They use it for product launches, share ‘behind the scenes’ videos, do live Q&A, and much more.

A live streaming event engages the audiences virtually and builds the brand. Companies also use the live stream for events to interact with virtual teams. Companies announce when their live stream is going to begin and share it across various platforms to get a large number of audiences. Any first-time viewers are more likely to become customers of a brand after engaging in a live-stream. Regular audiences of a brand’s live stream are more likely to recommend your brand.

Approach content marketing from the right place and use these different types of video content to engage the audience. It will have an intrinsic value of its own and wow your viewers!

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Video Content that Viewers Love to Watch

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