Using Twitter the Right Way to Put Your Marketing on Steroids
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Using Twitter the Right Way to Put Your Marketing on Steroids

Entrepreneurs and business professionals know how crucial social media platforms are, especially popular ones like Twitter. With 229 million active users, Twitter has become a popular social media platform. It’s a micro-blogging site for communicating through short messages called Tweets, enabling a wide network interaction.

Individuals, businesses, news channels, and celebrities are part of the Twitter bandwagon. Today, digital marketing professionals leverage the power of Twitter for business development, brand awareness, and increased sales.

Nowadays, marketers understand the significance of Twitter for business growth and market penetration. But since it works differently from Facebook or Instagram, a specific approach is taken to market business offering on Twitter. However, the designing process of the social media strategy is similar to that of other leading platforms.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

You can only design a winning marketing strategy when you understand how a platform operates. Otherwise, regardless of your efforts, the marketing plan would backfire. It’s no different for Twitter. A thorough audit of accounts is the recommended initial step to get started.

Account Audit

Align your business accounts or sign up for one if you are new to Twitter. Remember, your social media presence should be in perfect sync, irrespective of the platform. Ensure your social media reflects your brand in all your actions. Audit your Twitter account(s) for activity, engagement, and following. Likewise, train and assign dedicated social media personnel to manage your Twitter handle. Finally, be consistent with your brand voice and language in your messaging and audience engagement.

Goal Setting

Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) targets for your social media strategy to monitor impact and engagement analytics. Going viral with a meme or a hashtag is wonderful but useless if it does not align with your purpose or provide conversions.

To create meaningful and result-oriented campaigns, an in-depth understanding of digital marketing concepts is required. Therefore, hire professionals possessing master’s in digital marketing online program credentials to ensure seamless execution of your strategies. Combining their online education with industry exposure, such individuals garner exceptional experience and expertise.

Profile Completion

Make a lasting first impression on your viewers/customers with a professional Twitter profile. Remember, it is the face of your brand to reinforce your image with audiences. Therefore, details in your profile should be consistent across your social media for uniformity. Otherwise, it will look unprofessional and send a confusing message.

Ensure profile completion through the following elements:

    • Handle Your Twitter handle is your identity or account name. Customers search your brand using your handle, so it should ideally be in your company name. For example, if your company is “XShoes,” your handle should be @XShoes.
    • Profile Photo It is the image through which the audience will recognize you. So, again, it should reflect your brand as it appears with every tweet you send. Again, use your official logo in sharp colors and correct dimensions for consistency.
    • Header Image The header is the background image of your Twitter page and can be updated per the latest offering or campaigns.
    • Bio is a short description of your brand, including your official tagline/slogan or a captivating catchphrase for attention.
    • URL URL is the address to your official website, so replace it with a link to a current campaign landing page to boost traffic.
    • Location Add your location to help your customers find you offline. For example, you can include your headquarters if you are a global brand.

Brand Awareness

Are you launching a product or onboarding a brand ambassador? Break the news on Twitter with a hashtag or two, and it will create a buzz within moments. That’s how quick Twitter works. To increase your brand awareness, keep your existing and potential audiences aware of your business purpose, history, news, offering, products, services, discounts, and events.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to conversions. Connect with your audience through tweets, Twitter Polls, videos, and chats. Ensure to build a personal rapport with users responding to your content. More importantly, train your social media managers to speak the language of your brand throughout audience interaction. Moreover, run competitions, discount campaigns, and seasonal sales to keep your customers hooked.

Attract Leads

One key purpose of a digital marketing strategy is that it attracts leads. Twitter is a platform with a massive reach to pull new customers and boost sales. Collaborate with popular influencers for your brand awareness campaigns.

Influencer marketing is impactful for lead generation and tapping into new segments. Similarly, educate your potential target audience on an ongoing issue and offer a sustainable solution through your products and services. Likewise, build excitement by creating a campaign landing page or a newsletter subscription discount.

Marketing Campaigns

Extend your brand reach by running periodic marketing campaigns on Twitter. For instance, organize a lucky draw for the audience to share your products’ images or videos and set a cash prize. Or give customers a chance to meet your brand ambassadors to invite followers.

Involve customers in your activities for two-way interaction. But remember to align your campaigns with your targets and performance goals.

Competitive Analysis

Observing your direct and indirect competitors is crucial to staying ahead with your Twitter marketing strategy. Competitive analysis does not mean copying your competitors but altering your approach. For instance, you can organize a promotional event at a mall in response to a competitor’s virtual celebrity meet. Follow your competitors and analyze customer engagement, queries, and conversations.

Likewise, modify your strategy but stay aligned with your brand voice and vision. Inconsistent messaging will confuse and push away customers. Besides, the purpose is to engage in healthy competition to enable the industry to thrive. Therefore, avoid targeting your competitors or damaging their image since indulging in brand wars can lead to negative attention and customer dissatisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Leverage your online presence on Twitter to act responsibly towards the community. Customers think highly of brands that uplift lives. For example, organize a fund-raiser for a hospital, an orphanage, or a pressing environmental issue. Spread the word through your social media to boost customer engagement and lead generation.

Make it a part of your business and marketing strategy and dedicate a budget for social causes.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a powerful medium to boost your business, establish your brand image, and attract and retain customers. A targeted digital marketing strategy is essential to building a strong online presence on Twitter. In addition, consistency of brand image across social media will lead to sustainable growth. So, get on the Twitter bandwagon and boost the popularity of your market offerings.

Using Twitter the Right Way to Put Your Marketing on Steroids

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