Using Subtitle Generator Software to Grow Your Business

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Using Subtitle Generator Software to Grow Your Business

Using Subtitle Generator Software to Grow Your Business: Benefits and Where to Find One

Subtitles are a marvelous expansion to video content. Captions and subtitles are always a good idea, whether it is a video you use to promote your brand, a short movie, a commercial, a TV show, or even a virtual event. 

A lot of the time, people won’t capture what is said in a video. They’ll be too distracted, won’t listen closely, or won’t understand what’s said accurately for other reasons. If they have subtitles to read in addition to the video content, this will make things much easier for them. 

Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you enjoy watching videos? If you lack time to watch an entire video, wouldn’t you prefer having written content to skim through? Do you always understand what’s said in videos with no subtitles to enrich this?

If you stop thinking about these things, it’s much easier when subtitles are available, right?

Subtitles and inscriptions hold enormous value when trying to share a message. They make the information more accessible, ensure that the message is shared, and can target even the audience that prefers written over audio content. 

Research shows that videos with subtitles and captions receive 40% more visits than those without. Even YouTube algorithms favor transcribed content, so you’ll be boosting your ranking and attracting more people simultaneously. 

Choosing and using subtitle generator software 

If you want your content to gain more exposure and succeed, subtitles are always a good idea. Inserting the written form of the content shared in videos makes it more accessible. Many people these days look for subtitles in videos. Sometimes, they need to watch them in silence. At other times, they are in a noisy environment and need subtitles to get the full message. 

Knowing this, transcribing your audio and video content is always a good idea. Whether you turn it into blog posts, articles, or subtitles to add to the visual, this is something that will widen your reach greatly. 

Transcribing can take forever if you do it manually. This is why most content creators use subtitle generator software solutions. The top-rated choice today is the versatile Happy Scribe’s audio transcription services. This program automates the process, gives you the subtitles almost immediately, and minimizes your expenses. 

Happy Scribe's audio transcription services
Happy Scribe’s audio transcription services


If you’re targeting an audience that doesn’t necessarily speak the same language, you are lucky with this tool. HappyScribe is a great software solution since it supports over 60 languages and instantly generates highly accurate subtitles.

It won’t just transcribe your content and turn it into subtitles, but it will also allow you to customize them without much effort. 

transcribe your content and turn it into subtitles
transcribe your content and turn it into subtitles


Thanks to subtitle generator software tools, you can easily repurpose your content. For example, you can create written text to appeal to the audience that needs it or prefers it and make sure that your message is clearly understood. 

The benefits of using subtitle generator software

Now that you know what you can use to generate software, it’s time to learn why you need to do this. There are many benefits to using subtitle generator software to repurpose and enrich your video and audio content. Let’s take a look at them.

Save valuable time

Time is highly valuable to all of us. If you sit and transcribe each word from videos and audio, this can take forever. It will limit the amount of time you can dedicate to creating more content, working on your marketing strategies, or simply doing something fun. 

Trained professionals take around 4 or 5 hours to transcribe an hour of video content, and we’re talking about people with tons of experience in this. If you don’t specialize in it, it will take you much longer to repurpose your content or add subtitles.

Automatic subtitle generator software tools simplify this process and save you days of hard work. If you use such software, you’ll need to provide your video or audio content, and the tool will do the rest automatically. Once it is done, you’ll get text and captions ready to be inserted as subtitles. 

Since these are automated tools, the process is much faster, too. This means that you’ll be able to use those subtitles almost immediately and not wait for days for them to be transcribed. 

Save some money

Another option to get subtitles for your videos without doing it yourself is to hire someone to do it for you. Professionals can do a great job and complete this task for you. Still, this will not only take much longer, but it will cost you money. 

Hiring a good transcriptionist with tons of experience can cost you a lot of money. This is why many businesses invest in automatic subtitle generator software instead – it is faster and much more affordable.

Produce more content

If you use an automatic subtitle generator, you’ll have the time to create more content. Not to mention, this will give you more written content in a short amount of time. You can use it to create subtitles and transcribe the audio and video into written text that you can edit into blog posts and articles. 

Enhance accessibility

Accessibility is everything these days. Unless you make your data more accessible, people will move to a different brand, a different content source. 

Let’s for a bit and consider Google’s research data. According to Google, as a page loading time goes from zero to 10 seconds, the probability of people bouncing that page increases by 123%.

People are very busy nowadays, and they are not patient when accessing content. So if we don’t provide them with what they are looking for right away, they will go elsewhere for the information.

How is this relevant here?

If someone opens your video and cannot hear everything, understand everything, or is disappointed because there aren’t subtitles to it, they’ll go elsewhere. Of course, many of the people who access your videos and audio content won’t use the subtitles, but having it there can only be an advantage since you’ll retain those who need it.

Making your content accessible equals inclusivity, too. People with disabilities should also be able to get access to the information you’re sharing. For example, how do you expect a deaf person to get the information from your video guide unless you add subtitles to it?

We should also stop considering specific situations in which people are often found. For example, a person can be watching your video on their phone in an open setting, with many people talking around them. Hearing everything will be inconvenient and often even impossible. 

All these people can use subtitles to access the data while watching the video.

Finally, some people aren’t as proficient in the language since they aren’t native speakers. For them, it is very helpful to have subtitles to read while listening to the audio.

subtitles to read while listening to the audio.
Subtitles to read while listening to the audio.


Share your message more clearly.

Not everyone on the other side of your content will focus entirely on the audio. As a result, some of the content will not be as clear as you wanted it to be, so people will struggle with understanding it. Sometimes, people will hear something else and not what the audio says, which can lead to misunderstandings or ruin the strength of your message. 

Subtitles are great when people have gaps in their audio listening and can be amazing at eliminating misunderstandings. If you use subtitle generator software, you can add these to your video and audio content and make sure that people have two simultaneous sources to get the data from. 

Boost SEO ranking

As we mentioned, YouTube algorithms love subtitles, which means that if you have them, this can boost your ranking in search results. But why do videos with subtitles have a higher ranking?

Adding text to the video and audio content have many ways of boosting your SEO ranking. For starters, the subtitles are written content that can include strategic keywords, and we all know how important these are for SEO. Nowadays, 25% of all search volume happens outside of the top 100 million keywords.

Google has bots that routinely check the pages, but they cannot tune in to the sound of videos. So when they crawl the pages, they can only see the written content included in the video. Unless you add subtitles, these crawlers will only see the video title, some catchphrases, etc. This seriously limits your chances to impress Google and get a high ranking.

Increase social reach

Adding captions and subtitles to your social media videos is one of the top 5 strategies to pursue these days.

Social media marketing is the key to success these days. According to Instapage, videos with subtitles and captions have a higher social reach. Adding subtitles to your video content can increase the view time by 12%. This research further shows that only 12% of the people who watch Instapage videos will turn the sound off. The rest will watch the video and read them if subtitles are available.

Start transcribing your video and audio content today!

Thanks to great subtitle generator software solutions, you can easily transcribe your old, new, and future videos. It will take you a short time to get subtitles for your video content, and you might even use the transcriptions to repurpose some content. The sooner you start, the better!

Nadica Metuleva
Nadica Metuleva

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Using Subtitle Generator Software to Grow Your Business