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Using Social Media To Grow Your eCommerce Business

When it comes to your e-commerce business, social media marketing needs to be a key part of your online marketing strategy. With millions of consumers purchasing online and many of them via social media, your brand cannot afford to ignore how social media can help boost your e-commerce business in a big way.

Using Social Media To Grow Your eCommerce Business

Below are 10 ways to use social media to grow your e-commerce business.


Make sharing easy with social share buttons

Having social share buttons on your e-commerce website allows shoppers to showcase products they are interested in via their social media accounts. Since people value the opinions and recommendations of their friends and family, sharing in this way not only boosts visibility but credibility. Whether they are adding a pin for your product to their Pinterest board or sharing a purchase on Facebook, they have now become a brand ambassador and for free. Some great and effective places to put social share buttons are in the purchase confirmation email, the order confirmation page, on product pages and on product review forms.


Try influencer marketing

Using social media influencers is a great way to extend your brand’s reach by getting in front of a new audience. They are influential because they are considered either trendy or cool and typically have a large social media following.  As a result,  their followers are ready and waiting to buy anything he or she recommends. With that being said, you want to make sure whoever you choose not only has a large following but that their followers are actively engaging with their content.  The power an influencer has comes from its audience so engagement levels are a great indicator of whether a particular influencer is worth connecting with.

Use native chat for sales support

Using the messaging services within each social network (a.k.a native chatting or conversational commerce) is great because it allows you to automate and customize the communication that takes place with your customers.  The need for customers to be able to directly engage with businesses have made these chat apps very popular and businesses are in turn seeing improvement in customer service, increased customer retention, and an overall more positive brand image.

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Monitor conversations about your business

Social media is so much more than just a platform for broadcasting.  It provides a treasure trove for businesses to gain further insight from real people who are actively engaging in conversation about their brand or industry. This is referred to as social listening.  This is the process of monitoring all social media channels for any mentions of your brand, product, industry, competitors as well as any topics of interest that may be relevant to your business.

Staying abreast of what people are saying online about your brand allows you to proactively handle potentially negative situations, identify influencers and brand advocates, find new leads, uncover customer pain points, track sentiment and more. Don’t forget to also track your competition and be ready to jump in and assist any dissatisfied customers.

Encourage your customers to share their experience  

Achieving success on social media depends on much more on how much your customers are talking about you and less about how much you talk about yourself.  Getting your customers to share their experience with your brand before, during, and after their purchase means more publicity and potential new customer purchases. Consider incentivizing them by offering social rewards and/or performing refer-a-friend campaigns.

Feature user-generated content

UGC (a.k.a. User-generated content) is content that is both created and shared by your fans about your brand.  It can be in the form of videos, pictures, testimonials, blog posts, tweets and more. In today’s digital age, word of mouth referrals are the best and most trusted by consumers. When your brand shares this type of fan-created content, you are not only strengthening that customer’s fondness for your brand but it encourages them to spread the love by sharing that content with their friends.

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Start a blog

Having a business blog is a key part of your online marketing strategy.  It not only helps you further nurture your relationship with your current customers but it is great for attracting new business.  Creating relevant and informative content will help you drive traffic back to your website, increase customer engagement and most importantly, boost sales. It is also a great chance for your brand to set itself apart from its competitors.

Tell stories about your brand

Social Media is all about connection and that is what you want to strive for with your customers. Telling the story behind your brand creates a connection that helps to establish a strong loyalty that leads to your customers feeling invested in your brand. Facebook is a great platform to visually showcase the behind-the-scenes of your brand.  Visuals are a highly shared form of content and can really help you not only tell your brand’s story but also convey its values. This can be anything from a team building lunch out, featuring the employee of the month or even a snapshot of a weekly sales meeting.  These all help show the more human side of your business.

Invest in paid advertising

With organic reach continually going down on social media you have to pay to play.  With paid advertising, you are guaranteed reach and can use your content to elevate your brand with specific targeting.  When used properly, social media ads can help boost awareness, leads, video views, followers, purchases, and more.  Platforms like Facebook offer you the ability to get granular and target users who would be interested in your brand and fit the demographics of your key buyer.  You can filter out your audience by using keywords, demographics, interests, geography, job title, employer, and more.

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Measure and Improve

Social media marketing campaigns are great because they offer so much helpful information that can be used to determine which strategies are providing you with the best ROI and sales.  For this reason, monitoring and analyzing data on a regular basis is necessary.  Measure your activity from within the social media tools themselves as well as Google Analytics and any tools you use to track activity on your website.  By doing this, you will be able to determine details like what types of content garner the most engagement, best times to post your content across all platforms, what products are most popular with your audience and more. Continually monitoring your statistics as well as experimenting and perfecting your strategy will not only improve your audience engagement levels but keep you ahead of your competition.


It is very clear the beneficial role that social media plays when it comes to e-commerce. If you want to be competitive, you must include social media in your online marketing strategy. With the right strategy and social media marketing tactics, you can increase customer engagement and loyalty, boost brand awareness, drive more traffic and conversions, and ultimately grow your business.

By Denise Amara



Using Social Media To Grow Your eCommerce Business


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