Using Sankey Diagrams to Tell a Story with Data
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Using Sankey Diagrams to Tell a Story with Data

If you are a data professional, you understand how tedious it’s to showcase data movement from one point to another using the manual way. When dealing with the kind of data you need to display the flow, you need to have a powerful backup system that will cover your back. A Sankey diagram is the best option when you intend to depict data flow, among other important elements.

Displaying change over a given time frame requires you to have an advanced mechanism to hit the ground running. The Sankey chart is the mechanism you need to process data and generate insights that you can use to create a data report to help you analyze the performance of your business. If you need to tell a data story, you don’t need to fumble around with cluttered charts that do not depict clear information.

Using Sankey Diagrams to Tell a Story with Data

What is a Sankey Diagram?

A Sankey chart was mainly introduced to help visualize the flow of materials, cost, energy, and any other form of measurable resources. In addition, it’s a good choice if you want to grab the attention of your target audience. The chart utilizes links and nodes to communicate data insights vital for your business’s growth and development with design.

When using a Sankey chart, you need to understand that the width of the flow is directly proportional to the quantity of the respective flow. Also, the width of the lines and arrows represents the proportion of the volume of the elements being transferred from one point to another.

Telling a Data Story Using a Sankey Chart

Imagine that you have been given energy flow data and need to create a compelling data story. Remember that the market audience depends on the nature of the products and services you are dealing with. Your audience will most likely be a team of policymakers or stakeholders who intend to use the data to make effective decisions that will impact their operations.

Many people experience challenges when choosing the best type of data visualization to visualize their data and generate insights. First, you must test to confirm what works best for you and your business needs. Then, to develop a clearer chart at the end, you need to choose a Sankey chart to elaborate on your data.

Sometimes, you may realize that the data you are dealing directly with is more complex and needs an advanced data format that will crack down the entire process and enable you to read through the lines. Once you realize that the data you are reading through is complex, look no further than a Sankey diagram. Telling a data story is not an easy thing, especially if you are not well acquainted with things to do with data.

Below are some of the top ways the Sankey chart can help you tell data stories.

Uncover Productivity and Efficiency

The primary focus of any data visualization is to empower optimization activities and enhance efficiency within a workplace. When you use a Sankey chart correctly, your audience gets it easy to depict productivity and efficiency within a job environment. Remember that when you display the data, you aim to ensure that your audience can easily crack through the lines and deliver the point home.

Uncovering productivity is a key role within any line of products focused on creating a better business environment for its target customers. Once this is done perfectly, the business owner stands a chance to access more information that can aid in propagating the company to the next level.

Promotes Simplicity and Clarity

Sankey charts are known for enhancing visibility within a business environment, making it easier for the stakeholders to understand whatever is happening. In addition, when you arrange all your data in an orderly manner, you make it easier to deliver the required message since even the non-technical audience can easily understand the point communicated in a visual format.

When you use a Sankey diagram more strategically, you give your audience an easy time understanding the data that has been presented. The goal is to ensure that every outlined point has been delivered accurately to the target market audience.

Pattern and Trend Analysis

Analyzing patterns and trends in data is not easy, especially if you do the work manually. Therefore, you need a superior data backup that will break down all the data processes in an easy-to-understand manner. Then, depending on your preferred needs, you can use a Sankey chart to depict losses, gains, and costs. In addition, you can utilize the tool for forecasting purposes to monitor the growth and development of your business brand.

 If you are dealing with both the past and the current data, you can use the Sankey chart to cover the two and create an awesome collaboration between all the data sets for the well-being of your business. This means that you will be better positioned to identify the direction your company is taking in development.

Elevates Reporting Capabilities

 Reporting is key in any business, and when you talk about data storytelling. Note that data storytelling is the most important thing in data visualization. The Sankey chart improves the capabilities of your report by offering the key data insights in the simplest way possible. In addition, you should ensure that the readers do not experience any challenges when reading through the content.

When the readers get easier to read the point, you get in a better position to persuade your readers to take the required action at the end. As a result, this will place you on the winning end.

Identification of the target audience

Knowing your exact market audience is crucial when running a business with a bright future. A Sankey chart offers an incredible way of getting to know your market audience, giving you a chance to tailor your marketing strategies that suit a specific market audience. Most top digital marketing agencies, such as Convex Interactive, start with identifying the target audience.


A Sankey chart offers the most effective way to tell a data story, especially if you have complex data sets. Therefore, ensuring that you have a basic understanding of the Sankey chart and a good grasp of every feature is vital. In addition, A Sankey diagram gives you a clear breakdown of all complex data sets giving you a detailed report that you can use to run your business operations and build a favorable business environment.

Using Sankey Diagrams to Tell a Story with Data

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