Using Instagram To Market Your Photography Business
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Using Instagram To Market Your Photography Business

Instagram needs no introduction. This image-dedicated social platform is an ideal place to market the photography business. The majority of wedding and portrait photographers, of course, will already be on Instagram. If you’re already reading this post, we are sure you’re on Instagram. So we are not here to chat about all the benefits of marketing to potential photography clients on Instagram. But we hope to share ways you could be missing out on potential work by not using Instagram to its fullest capabilities!

Marketing To Your Ideal Photography Clients on Instagram

Before we can market to our ideal photography clients on Instagram, we need to know some information about them:

  • What location do your clients live in?
  • What other accounts are they likely to be following?
  • What other local businesses would they be frequenting?

Answer these questions and follow related accounts to your ideal client’s interests. Be an active commenter on said accounts! Next, we’re going to talk about the right hashtags for your business.

Find Hashtags for Your Photography Business

Hashtags and location tags are the way to be found on Instagram by clients. Find hashtags on Instagram by opening up your app, going to the explore page, clicking on the search bar, navigating to ‘tags,’ and starting to type in your location. Think of wedding-related or photography tags for a specific city. Take note of how many posts are under each tag. Look for location-specific tags and industry-specific tags. Also, be sure to create your own hashtags specific to your business.

Create A Hashtag Keyboard Shortcut

Create an iPhone keyboard shortcut for super easy hash-tagging. On your phone, navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacements and hit the “+” button in the top right. Enter in your phrase (all of your hashtags) and your shortcut

Support Other Wedding Vendors on Instagram

The best way to get your name out there on Instagram is to support other vendors in your industry. Follow as many vendors as you can in your network and engage with their posts regularly. By commenting, you’re helping their posts get seen more (Instagram shows more of what is engaged with!), but you’re always putting your name out there. There’s a chance one of their followers could see your comment and click on your profile. Win-win situation!  Also, you can buy real quality Instagram likes to reach out to more people in no time.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Whenever you share a wedding image, include the vendors involved in the wedding day. Tag them in the caption of your image, as well as in the actual photo on Instagram. (This way, it will show up on their profile under ‘Photos of You.’)

Tag Locations

Almost every image you share should have a location tag; you never know how a user may find you! (Be smart; don’t tag your home or office if you work alone.) But you can tag a photo simply with the name of your city; it doesn’t have to be where you are at that moment.

Tag Venues

When you share an image, you can tag the caption venues, the photo, AND the location tag. So many opportunities!

Get creative with your Insta-Stories

It’s easy for photos were taken within the last 24 hours. Just open your install story camera and swipe down. You’ll see your camera roll there! However, for photos taken more than 24 hours ago, you have a few options. You can use Planoly to plan your Instagram stories, which will create a ‘new’ copy of the image when you’re ready to post, regardless of the image’s timestamp.

Using Instagram To Market Your Photography Business

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