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Are you querying how you will connect Google Analytics to WooCommerce? If you use advanced eCommerce tracking, you can track your store’s performance to better insight and pay. When it comes to WooCommerce Google analytics (and eCommerce in common), high-quality reports and analytics plugins are specific. They help you get your clients, which goods are selling, your growth rate, cart abandonment, and more. It’s even more helpful if this data is visually available in the form of a graph or report.

So in this post, we’ll study some facts about WooCommerce google analytics and its setup.

Key Advantages:

  • Study what ways (comprising search, social, email and ads) drive the most traffic, so you know which modes give more time.
  • Find out where your site is losing money by tracking users’ flow from result page to cart to checkout.
  • Know which goods clients are interested in by matching traffic, sales, and profits across results.
  • Discover what your clients see by which pages they arrive on from search engines.


  • Track raw data, comprising sessions, users, and events, with Universal Analytics.
  • Mix advanced E-Commerce Analytics to get necessary eCommerce data, including cart activities and output views.
  • Eject visits from officials to get an exact picture of client data.
  • Guide for Display Promotion.

Add Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store:

  1. Install the free WooCommerce Google Analytics plugin
  2. Fetching your Google Analytics ID
  3. Finishing up on
  4. Configure the Google Analytics Plugin Settings
  5. Testing

Add a user to Google Analytics.

  1. You may need to give your WooCommerce developer, SEO specialist, or friend to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Here is how to do so:
  • Go to your Google Analytics account, then click Admin.
  • Then, click Add users in the top right-hand edge.
  • Lastly, add the user’s email address, click Add.

Why Do you Require WooCommerce Google Analytics?

You might be thinking right now, why is Google Analytics vital for your WooCommerce store? Well, if you want to plan campaigns and make business choices to grow your income, you want data. Without any data, you’ll be figuring what your public likes, which could be unsafe for your website. You could spend time promoting the wrong goods or placing your efforts into developing deals that your clients might not like.

So, to avoid these effects and make the most use of your sources and time, it’s an excellent plan to track your WooCommerce store using Google Analytics.

Here is some opinion you can get by setting up Analytics:

  • Top Performing Outputs – Get to know which products make the most sale so that you can raise them more.
  • Shopping Behavior – Know how your customer’s journey, which product pages they see, how usually they click the checkout key, what return method they pick, and more.
  • Demote Carts – By tracking leftover carts and leaving the website without checkout, you can fill the gaps in your WooCommerce google analytics store and increase conversions.
  • Measure Campaign Performance – You can track all marketing campaign in Google Analytics and see which one worked better, so you can optimize other campaigns
  • Know Top Referral Traffic Modes – Find out which websites send the most traffic to your website so that you can make a personal experience for such users.

See WooCommerce Google Analytics Outcomes in WordPress

The best thing about using MonsterInsights is to see how your WooCommerce google analytics store is doing in your WordPress dashboard.

The best WooCommerce plugin makes some of the most vital data from Google Analytics and promotes them on your website, so you don’t have to go anyplace. This is mainly helpful if you’re a fresher and don’t know how to see various Google Analytics reports or find records that matter.

To see stats about your online store, go to Insights – Reports – eCommerce.

You can see your site’s growth rate, sales, income, and standard order value for the date range chosen from the origin.

It also contrasts with the last time, so you know if your store’s performance raised or dropped.

And if you scroll down, the next record you’ll see is of Top Products. These are the best sales articles on your WooCommerce store. For each good, you can see its number, rate of sales, and total income.

Final thoughts

In total, it takes around eight to ten minutes or so to get a new site linked to GA and giving essential metrics for your store. Getting those metrics will help you make better decisions about each product, from spending your marketing funds to which goods are trading best. These are the facts about WooCommerce google analytics. I hope the information will benefit you and install monster insight to run this programming.

Using Google Analytics on WooCommerce

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