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User-generated content is a goldmine if you use it properly.

Do you know the power of user-generated content in today’s online marketing world?

If no, then let me show to some of the stats by which can understand the power of user-generated content.

  • Nine out of Ten online customers trust organic and user-generated content than the ad content created by the brands.
  • People are 2.4 times likely to see the UGC content than the content created by the brands.
  • Nearly 80% of the people admit that UGC helps them to make their purchase decision.
  • Ads that contain user-generated content gets four times more clicks than the regular.

These are only some of the numbers that brief us about the power of user-generated content. The real power of UGC is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Social media is one of the best ways to generate UGC. Among different social media platforms, Instagram is the leading social media platform in terms of active users.

So, this article we are going to discuss what is user-generated content, the importance of user-generated content and how to showcase user-generated content on social media.

Let’s go!

What Is User-Generated Content?

Any form of content created over the Internet by the users of a brand to share their reviews or experience with the brand is known as user-generated content (UGC) or user-created content (UCC). People create UGC with their own free will. UGC can be of any type like-

  • Photos
  • Texts
  • Videos
  • Testimonials

These are only some of the types of user-generated content. People are free to create content in any form and submit it over the Internet.

Why User-Generated Content Important?

User-generated content is the new active player in the market. UGC plays a vital role in the content marketing strategy of many big brands. There are countless benefits of user-generated content, but today, we are going to discuss some of the significant benefits of user-generated content.


Authenticity is one of the most important things that you need if you want to grow in today’s online marketing world, and user-generated content is one of the best ways to gain it.

Nowadays, people don’t believe marketers; instead, they believe in the content that is created by the users of the brands. Hence, UGC helps you to gain authenticity in today’s online marketing world.

Improve SEO Rankings

User-generated content also plays a crucial role to improve the SEO score. It helps to get better rankings.

UGC is fresh, original, and more authentic. Search engine loves UGC and gives an extra edge in the rankings to the website that includes UGC along with the regular content.

Higher Engagement

In today’s online marketing world people love to see and get engaged with the user-generated content. People trust UGC than any other form of content. Hence, it gets the highest engagement.

Brands embed the user-generated content on their websites, and this helps them to get higher engagement.


User-generated content is the content created by the users of the brand with their own will. They generally do this to share their experience with the brands or sometimes to win something. Brands and marketers don’t have to pay the people for the content. Hence UGC is cost-effective.

Brands have to curate the user-generated content from the Internet and user it in a proper way.  UGC can be a goldmine for you if used in a smart move.

How To Use User-Generated Content On Social Media

Create Post Focusing On Shared Content

Creating posts focusing on shared content is one of the effective ways to showcase user-generated content to a larger group of people. It works well when you use customer-created images, which you can then share them on different social media platforms.

These user-generated photos and videos are the best way to engage the audience. By sharing UGC in the posts can also encourage other people to share their content.  This is one of the best ways to showcase user-generated content on social media.

Showcase User-Generated Content On Story

A lot of people don’t feel comfortable in sharing UGC in the posts. Instead, people share UGC in the stories.

Leverage the stories when even you can. Reach out the people who have tagged you in their stories and take their permission to share their story on your Instagram account. The good news for you is, you will always get the answer yes.

Followers To Vote UGC Campaign

Organizing contest is one of the best ways to attract the audience and the creation of UGC. Social media contest that allows voting on user-submitted content is an excellent approach to promote the UGC that has been already shared.

There is much software available in the market that will help you to organize the social media content effectively. You have to encourage the users to take part in the UGC campaign.

Use UGC In Ad Campaign

Social is not all about organic marketing. You can also use UGC in the ad campaigns. Including UGC in the ad campaigns is one of

You can use photos, reviews, and texts in the ads. Place the UGC at the center of the ad campaign and use them as social proof. Always remember that people consider UGC more authentic than any other form of content. So, by using UGC in the ad campaigns, you can increase your social reach and can boost sales.

User-Generated Content On Social Media