Use the “lockdown” time to work on your career

Most of us are either already under a lockdown or are about to be on one. In Barcelona, as well as in Berlin and other large cities, we have been asked to stay indoors as much as possible to decrease the rate of infection. And as such, we can look at this time as an unfortunate imposition on our lives, or we can try to see if there is a positive side. Though the latter option may be difficult to fathom, it is possible, and there can be benefits, plus what is the point of obsessing over what we cannot do and where we cannot go and so on.

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Use the “lockdown” time to work on your career

Some of the benefits of being home more, for many of us, is that we save on travel time to and from work or to see clients, plus there are fewer distractions. These factors can add up to several hours a week, which you can use to prepare for the CAPM, the PMP, the PMI-ACP, or any other certification. Passing any of these exams will significantly enhance your career options quickly. Also, as some of you might know, PMI is already working on the PMBOK 7th edition. Therefore, if you were trained with, and have been studying the PMBOK 6th edition, it would behoove you to take the test before the new version is released and the exams change again.

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So how do we get started? Even though I am a fan of PMI, I realize that studying for any of the exams is not exactly a fun activity. Still, it will keep you distracted by focusing on the material you need to study, memorizing the various terms and processes, and by taking as many sample exams as possible. Also, you may want to create a study plan, which will include:

  • Schedule of study time per day. Either allocate a time, such as from 8 to 10 AM, or simply commit to studying two or three hours a day when feasible.
  • Define a list of necessary activities to cover over the next two, three, or four weeks, such as:
    • Read the PMBOK
    • Read/study my notes
    • Answer a minimum of 50 questions per day for a total of “X.”
    • Schedule, at least tentatively, a time to take the exam, which you will need to coordinate with the test center’s availability.

I do not want to seem naïve and pretend that these are not difficult times. However, as I wrote initially, we are here and now in this situation, which is not entirely under our control, so why not use it, somehow, to our advantage. And being proactive and not allowing ourselves to feel powerless will go a long way to improve our mood, help us stay healthy by having less stress, and, once this is over, have that feeling of accomplishment by checking “Pass the CAPM/PMP/PMI-ACP” off your To-Do List.

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Use the “lockdown” time to work on your career