Upcoming Future of Android Development in 2021

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The Smartphone industry is growing, and Android has taken over the smartphone industry. Most smartphone users prefer android because it’s reliable and easy. With the increasing demand for phones comes the demand for android app development. Your application needs to be user-friendly, which the most important factor of android application development. Android application Development Company are focused on improving the performance of an app. As technology is increasing, the trends in app development are also changing. As 2020 is about to end and the beginning of 2021 near, what are the new things you can provide your users with on an android app. So what are the new trends in the android development market? How can you provide your user with a better experience?


If your app has a Chabot, you can directly ask for help and solve your queries. If any user faces any issues or doesn’t know how to use a bot, they can chat with the artificially intelligent bot to solve their issues. Users can contact 24*7 to ask for queries, and the bot will respond to them. It provides fast and reliable help to users. If you are looking forward to designing an application, you should add a chatbot to help your users.

Mobile Wallet

Most people are using mobile wallets rather than using a credit card because it is an easy way to make payments. There are many mobile wallets available in the market, like Google pay, PayPal, and Paytm. You can directly pay for anything using a mobile wallet, and you don’t have to carry your credit or debit card everywhere. It makes payment very easy for everyone. It is a convenient and effortless way of payment. Mobile wallet ensures high security and accuracy for a better user experience.

5G Technology

Most countries have already introduced 5G, and many other countries are yet to introduce it. 5G technology is much faster than 4G and provides seamless performance. You can transfer data at a much greater speed than 4G technology. If you are thinking of developing an app, implement the 5G technology to boost your data transfer rate and user experience. The technology is increasing so the speed. You can improve your business by introducing the 5G technology.


Online shopping has become a new trend, and all the companies are increasing their sales with an e-commerce app or website. Most customers prefer online shopping these days rather than going to stores. E-commerce provides flexibility and different modes of payment for its customers. There are lots of offer and product choices to make, so why not choosing online shopping. Companies are building trust with their clients and increase revenue. E-commerce mobile apps are the latest trend for Android or IOS.

VR and AR Technology

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is growing in the mobile app development market. It provides a better experience to the user with its performance. Many app development companies hire VR and AR developers who can use this technology while developing an app on Android. If you want to boost your company introducing VR and AR technology on your app can grow even more.

Cloud-Based Android App

Memory is a major factor when it comes to app development. With the cloud, you can keep your data safe and secure without using the phone memory. It will give your data safe, and you can use it later. Apps based on cloud technology could save a lot of space on your phone by keeping backups of your data so you can use them anytime, anywhere without losing anything.

Artificial Intelligence

Introducing AI in your app development could change the point of view of how apps were used before. AI is a future technology, and many are planning to use it in various industries. You can implement this to improve the app experience and how it uses to communicate with the users. Many gadgets use AI intelligence to communicate with humans. This is the next thing in the android app development market.

With every passing day, we are one step closer to something new. The technology is growing, so is the smartphone market. If you are planning to develop a new android app, you can introduce some of the latest features introduced here; there are so many other new trends in android app development. Android application development company uses Flutter or react-native to develop their apps. The market is growing, and the competition in android app development is also huge. You need to hire the best app developer who understands your ideas and can implement them to create something new that will help your company grow and provide your users with a better experience.

Upcoming Future of Android Development in 2021