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Unknown Value of Time

Time has been a fascinating subject over the years for almost all thinkers, philosophers, and scientist. While most of them are just curious about the concepts of time, the real benefits are being reaped by those who understood its importance and are using different techniques to lure common people into spending their resource that is time on their products.

The Importance

Time is a form of investment and at times a more powerful and vital investment than that of money or other wealth or its means. It is a resource which although no one fully understands it but is a powerful tool nonetheless. It is an investment that creates a type of social and mental bond which is not created when spending other resources. IT professionals and other vendors have understood this trait and are using it to their advantage. E-commerce web design companies try very hard to, first of all, grab the attention span of the person who is browsing on their particular website.

Unknown Value of Time

This is the first and foremost killer blow that these e-commerce web design companies use, as the longer a user stays on a website, he/she feels compelled to buy any product or at least look for products. This is done by making the website designs much more appealing to the consumer as an aesthetic appeal (by using wider color gamut and photography) is one weakness of humankind. This is also done by using catchy phrases that strike the right attention points in a person’s mind and force him or her to at least read or skim through the website.

Some of the websites even have music and games embedded in them to make sure that more and more traffic is available on a website which increases the overall probability of consumers spending time on their catalogs of product and eventually leading them to higher benefits in sales


Another thing that makes time much more valuable is the fact that we are always running out of it. There is no way or method to gain it back. Time is like a flowing river which is beyond our control, expenditure of time should also be done as wisely as we do of our money and other resources.

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Unknown Value of Time

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