Understanding Salesforce Cloud Services

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Understand More About Salesforce Cloud Services

Salesforce was introduced to offer scalability and greatness to business that often fails due to the lack of digital awareness and technology efficiency. If you wish to expand your business value digitally, you must know that Salesforce is the leading company in cloud computing. It offers great applications for your business, starting from CRM to analytics.
Every Salesforce cloud service is specifically designed to lay down different functions in your business. To understand these varied Salesforce cloud services, you must read this blog. Salesforce has six major and nine other clouds to suit every organization specifically. Here’s the Salesforce Clouds overview for your understanding.

Types of Cloud Services Salesforce Offer

Understanding Salesforce Cloud Services
Types of Cloud Services Salesforce Offer

The tools and services offered by Salesforce are known as clouds. These Salesforce clouds offer extensive functions related to business. Six major clouds are designed to suit specific industries, applications, and operations. Have a look at the Salesforce Cloud services in detail:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce solution formerly known as Demandware. Commerce Cloud is a seamless e-commerce software that helps you create your eCommerce store and manage and sell products. Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers businesses by creating a platform that connects you to shoppers worldwide. Simply put, Commerce Cloud is a software-as-a-service solution designed specifically for B2C organizations that offer e-commerce selling and services.

The software offers great personalized shopping experiences for the customer across digital, social, and mobile platforms. Since the country is undergoing a major eCommerce facelift, Salesforce Commerce Cloud was launched under the Demandware technology that linked several other Customer Success Platform clouds such as Marketing, Service, and Sales clouded back in 2009. 

The primary aim of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is to offer scalability and profitability to businesses looking to grow online. In addition, Commerce Cloud can assist you in converting Abandoned carts into complete sales!

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The crucial features offered by Commerce Cloud are:

    • Enhances marketing tools
    • Offers Predictive Intelligence
    • Improves Cloud Scalability
    • Great Omni-channel Capabilities via Roadmaps
    • LiveMessage helps automate vital customer functions
    • Management of channels across social, mobile, digital, and offline channels
    • Customer data integration
    • Offers seamless and scalable customer experience

Above all, its important feature is to help coordinate the online store, mobile point of sale, order management, and predictive intelligence. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud was formerly known as Exact Target. This platform automates the marketing activities of the company by helping you to engage with your customers across several channels, helping you to track individual customers among many other top-notch facilities.

Initially founded as an email marketing vendor in 2013, it has become a digital marketing automation and analytics service provider software that will enhance the future of businesses. The driving force to create such an expansive software is to offer marketing automation and analytics software for several platforms such as email, social, mobile, and online marketing, along with offering consultation & implementation solutions to improve businesses and their marketing activities.

Features Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Marketing Cloud lays down a wide range of features to better the marketing segments of the companies by catering to everything from email marketing to campaign management cross-channel. Here are a few of the many features of the marketing cloud:

    • Email Automation
    • Channel Integration
    • Real-Time Relevant Communications
    • SMS Marketing
    • Personalizing across Multiple Channels

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows organizations to personalize and enhance their customers’ experiences by offering several tools such as Email Studio, Data Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Journey Builder, Mobile Studio, Salesforce Data Management Platform, Interaction Studio, and more.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

When sales are the bottom line of every business, Salesforce Cloud offers seamless solutions to skyrocket company sales with its high-end technological efficiency. Sales Cloud automates the process of sales, makes communication easy across multiple channels, drives lead generation, and manages all the data of the leads, current customers, and campaigns.
The sales managers and the sales representatives of both B2B & B2C segments greatly utilize this cloud. Primarily, organizations employ the sales cloud to increase sales in the businesses in which the Sales Cloud has expertise.
With the dedication to bringing customer service and support automation features into the market, Salesforce launched its service cloud in 2009. That was when sales and service became a part of the Salesforce suite.
Sales Cloud is an application specifically designed to assist businesses in selling faster and smartly by prioritizing customer information, automating uncountable tasks, allowing cross-team collaborations, and logging interactions. All of these are offered by Sales Cloud, which has one sole purpose; to put all your prospect information in one place and make it more productive and usable.

Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

There are several uncountable benefits of this highly technological cloud; however, some features that support businesses greatly include:

    • Managing and Bettering Campaigns
    • Account Data & Contact Management
    • Product, Lead & Opportunity management
    • Process & Sales Automation
    • Pipeline & Forecast Management
    • Real-time Reports & Dashboard

You can boost the productivity of your business with automation, strengthen relationships with your customers, and grow predictable revenue, along with many other things. Other than the features, Sales Cloud offers some popular modules to be added to the functionality of the cloud. Customer 360 Data Manager, Sales Path, and Einstein AI are some of those efficient modules.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management platform that facilitates customer service and support. Salesforce Service Cloud is a solution that assists companies in automating the process of service, streamlining workflows, etc. This cloud-based platform manages customer service by functioning as a help desk and customer service platform.

The introduction of Service Cloud has improved how businesses offer customers solutions, creating more scope for the companies. It also enables businesses to offer personalized customer support. According to Salesforce, Service Cloud outshines every alternative customer service solution.

In 2009, Salesforce passed $1 billion in its annual revenue, after which the company launched Service Cloud. The purpose of this highly technologically-advanced solution is to encourage first-hand relationships with customers across several devices and channels. According to the statistics of Salesforce, Service Cloud has become the top-ranking customer service platform in the world.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud was formerly named Community Cloud. This cloud platform assists in creating portals based on the web for sales, customer services, collaboration, and more. It simply connects customers, partners, agents, and employers with online communities. The platform functions as a help forum and a support site to connect individuals with the teams they require or need.

By tapping the CRM data of your organization, Experience Cloud creates an internal social platform for every Salesforce user your company has. With this, you can easily create custom portals for internal services such as the IT help desk, HR department, digital team huddles, etc.

Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

This platform enhances the internal functioning of an organization by offering a varied range of features:

    • You can easily grow partner sales
    • Customization and branding
    • Business Integration
    • Connect with the customers

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is another well-known business intelligence solution introduced in Salesforce Clouds. This comprehensive platform assists organizations in assessing the productivity and performance of their business and analyzing the current trends. 

After acquiring the top-notch analytics platform Tableau CRM, Salesforce Analytics Cloud also offers Einstein Analytics and Tableau suite. With the help of this, you can use the technologically advanced platform and suite to make your business vertical achieve great heights of success and profit.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud creates data-driven insights that can be used to drive action across your business operations. Analytics Cloud is a tool of Salesforce Clouds as it uses AI technology to delve deeper into your data and bring actionable insights. All of this all together makes decision-making better and more informed.

Features Of Salesforce Analytics Cloud

    • Enhances performance
    • Offers Accurate Forecasting
    • White Space Analysis
    • Pipeline Management
    • Solutions for Access Integration
    • Easy Data Synchronization
    • Exceptional Visualization Engine
    • Dashboards to handle Data Streams

9 Other Salesforce Clouds

In order to offer great applications and facilities to several industries, Salesforce has nine other clouds designed to empower every company and business in the market. These nine clouds are:

  1. Salesforce Integration Cloud offers a collective or single view of customer data across large enterprises.
  2. Salesforce App Cloud is utilized for apps, events, and user management.
  3. Salesforce IoT Cloud this cloud transforms the raw data collected from all the smart devices into constructive customer data.
  4. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers CRM solutions specifically for manufacturing companies.
  5. As suggested by the name, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud lays down wealth and asset management facilities for financial advisors.
  6. Salesforce Education Cloud has basic usage of managing admissions, institute operations, student experience, and recruitment for educational institutions.
  7. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is for non-profit organizations. For operations such as fundraising and donor management.
  8. Salesforce Health Cloud is a platform that unifies the data of the patients, medical, and benefits for organizations in the healthcare sectors.
  9. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud is a new addition to the Cloud family. It manages the COVID vaccine administration, test results, and the vaccine status after giving the COVID test.


Salesforce is not just a single CRM tool but is an amalgamation of all facilities you require to make your business a big deal. Simply put, it is a collection of solutions and tools that can design your business like you might have never imagined. If you want to unveil more about the Salesforce cloud services and want more information about Salesforce implementation services, Cyntexa may be of help to you!


What is the Salesforce Clouds service?

Since business requires extensive functions, Salesforce clouds offer more than efficient tools and services via their clouds, such as commerce, analytics, sales, marketing, service, experience, etc., to manage and enhance the company’s profitability. Salesforce has those mentioned above six primary clouds and nine other cloud solutions that offer varied services to specific industries. 

What are Salesforce Clouds used for?

Every salesforce cloud has different features and operations. Sales Clouds help to increase sales, marketing and improve multi-channel marketing campaigns. Experience cloud helps create web-based portals for a company’s internal functioning, service cloud enhances customer service, commerce cloud focuses on offering digital commerce to your business, and analytics cloud uses AI technology to extract deep insights into your data.

Is there a new cloud introduced in the Salesforce cloud overview?

Yes. Salesforce ecosystem has gotten a new Vaccine Cloud that helps in managing COVID vaccines and tests, NFT Cloud to mint and sell NFTs, Safety Cloud to bring people together safely, and most recently, it announced Genie Customer Data Cloud in 2022, a real-time data platform powering the complete Salesforce Customer 360 platform.