Understanding Online Shopping
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Understanding Online Shopping

For all its pervasiveness, e-commerce isn’t as big of a percentage of commerce as you might expect it to be. In fact, as a portion of total sales, e-commerce is only about 10 percent. Even so, that total is an amazing dollar figure: In 2019 it was nearly $140 billion — in just one quarter.

However, think about how radically online shopping has changed. There were just a few online sites of note about 25 years ago. Amazon, of course, was one of them, as was eBay. But now? online shopping is nearly inescapable. Anything you want, you can probably find it online.

One thing that probably still limits online shopping is accessibility. When people with various challenges try to shop, they might find limitations that lead them to turn to more traditional methods of shopping.

We worked with ConsumerDecisions to create a custom infographic that breaks down the history and current status of online shopping. It shares the humble beginnings of home shopping by phone and Amazon’s start to what it is today: shopping that can be done from a smartphone, but still has room to grow.

Retailers would be wise to fully understand the eCommerce landscape, as the estimate of U.S. retail eCommerce sales for one quarter of 2019 was $137.7 billion.

What else does the world of online shopping look like? 

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Understanding Online Shopping

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