Understanding eCommerce Data Migration Service from Next Cart
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Understanding eCommerce Data Migration Service from Next Cart

Learn more about Next Cart’s eCommerce data migration service and how it works to move all data to another eCommerce platform smoothly.

When do you need the eCommerce data migration service? As online stores expand and get bigger, they tend to outgrow the eCommerce platform they were originally built on. Also, store owners might find that the current eCommerce platform does not have as many features as they want to meet their business demands. 

In both cases, the necessary thing to do is move the store with all its product information to another, more suitable, eCommerce platform. However, the process is complex for most merchants without expertise technological knowledge, so it is when the eCommerce data migration service appears.

What does eCommerce Data Migration Service Offer?

  • Plan the whole migration process to ensure no product data is missed while it is on. And the service also avoids duplication of product data during the migration of your online store from one platform to another.
  • Do an audit of your current eCommerce platform and identify where and how it is lacking and is preventing your business from growing. Then, based on the collected data, we will suggest a platform with the features your eCommerce store needs.
  • Analyze how the database of your new eCommerce platform is structured and find out the best possible method of organizing product data upon it.
  • Employ a format with a date-limited tab or comma to store your product data and migrate it bulk to the new platform. 
  • Make sure all the new URLs and page titles are the same as on the original platform. Then, even after migrating to a new platform, the page rank will not be affected. And it is easy for your regular customers to find it.
  • Ensure that the new eCommerce platform works well with current accounting systems, the shipping services, and payment processes.

What are the Service Advantages of Next Cart?

  • Support online merchants to circumvent a large number of attendant hassles while having their online stores migrated from one eCommerce platform to another.
  • Understand business needs and before we undertake an eCommerce data migration project we thoroughly study a client’s business needs and decide on a platform best suited for them.
  • Next, Cart technicians are experienced in all major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, osCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart, etc. As a result, they can leverage and customize features to create the most profitable business.

Currently Available Services from Next Cart

Files Migration Service

This eCommerce data migration service can help import data from CSV, XML, XLS, SQL to your business website, and vice versa and export these data files from business websites.

How to import and export data files with this service?

  • Submit data files – Provide your website URL and other necessary data files through a ticket and send them to the support email.
  • Design data import tool – Next Cart technicians receive and analyze your requirements to design a suitable data import and export tool.
  • Process the tool – Next, Cart uses the data import and export tool to organize the data fields and run the import and export. All possible issues will be handled.
  • Check the results – Make sure all the data files have been imported and exported successfully. Then, they can work as per customers’ expectation on the online store before Next Cart handles it over to you.

What are the free extra features of the Files Migration Service?

  • This service of Next Cart automatically updates data in your target store if there are any changes after the migration in the source store. All data types are supported, including Product Data (Name, SKU/MPN/UPC, Quantity/Inventory, Status, URL, Regular Price, Sale Price, Tier Price, MSRP, Product-Category relationship, etc.); Customer Data (First Name, Last Name, Email, Addresses, Phone, Reward Points, Gift Cards, etc.); Order Information (Status, Fulfillment Status, Item Price, Total, Shipping, Refund, etc.), and others upon your requests.
  • Also Next Cart will perform the migration whenever you want within 1 year after the purchasing date. If any errors or problems take place during each migration process, Next Cart technicians will resolve them all before another migration.
  • After your source store works well with new data such as products, customers, orders migrated. With this service, you can move these new data to the target store and save the connection between them and the migrated data.
  • The migration of new data can be continued as many times as possible after the migration.
  • You can choose a particular type of data or all the supported data if you want, then choose “Select All”; if you only need to move the Products, select “Products,” etc. Also, you can organize languages, customer groups, order statuses, etc., from the Source Store to according to features in the Target Store.

Migration Customization Service

Next Cart does the customization for the migration tool from and to third-party modules, performing custom eCommerce data migration service as customers’ requirements.

Steps to Use this Service:

  • Submit requirements – Prepare custom requirements in detail and send a Ticket or email the information to contact@next-cart.com.
  • Customize migration tool – Next, Cart technicians evaluate the requirements and build the migration tool accordingly.
  • Perform custom tasks – All possible issues will be resolved until you are satisfied with the customization results.
  • Evaluate the final – With customers, Next Cart will check how your eCommerce website works after the process before handing it over to you.

The scope of this service:

  • Make the update to specific data outside the scope of migration service from Source Cart to Target Cart (eCommerce stores) and the data migrated by other migration service providers.
  • Migrate data from third-party extensions to your target store and customize the migration as your requirements. For example, migrate the current hosting to another.
  • Handle possible conflicts between migrated data and third-party extensions in the target website.
  • Customize all the extensions, modules, and plugins in your eCommerce store if you need them.
  • Change what you want in your eCommerce store based on your business needs.
  • Resolving errors or bugs that exist in your eCommerce store.
  • Install target cart on a specific server and other necessary extensions on your eCommerce store.

Data Synchronization Service

Besides eCommerce migration services, Next Cart will synchronize products and orders from external data files to your eCommerce website constantly.

How to Get this Service from Next Cart:

  • Submit your request – Submit a Ticket or send the information of your website URL, product data files and specific requirements to contact@next-cart.com.
  • Design data synchronization process – Next, Cart technicians receive your ticket. Then, they will design a particular Data Synchronization process suitable to your requirements.
  • Import products – The data files with all product information will be imported to your Online Store through the Next Cart Data Synchronization system. All possible issues will be fixed throughout the migration.
  • Auto-sync products – Product attributes like stock level, name, description, etc., will be automatically updated to your Online Store. According to your requirements, this update will be done hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Scopes of this service:

  • Sync CSV, XML, XLS/XLSX, or SQL product data to your Online Store.
  • Support sync from files to your website and from one website to another.
  • The Next Cart data synchronization service supports 1-way synchronization from files to your online store and among your eCommerce websites.
  • A data synchronization tool is designed based on your files to make any file format and structure compatible.
  • Next Cart supports data synchronization to almost all platforms and can do with other platforms upon specific request.

VIP Support Service

Using this service will have Next Cart experts take care of the entire migration and necessary configuration. It’s an ideal option for those who are not tech-savvy or don’t have enough time to operate and frequently check on the migration process.

VIP Support Service provides you with technicians to take care of the whole migration process. They also do migration customization, target store installation, change URL of target store, and technical consultant.

How to start:

  • Submit your request – Submit a ticket, including your shopping carts credentials. This can be admin access, FTP/SSH/Cpanel access (only for open-source carts), and other specific requirements for the migration.
  • Process the migration – Next, Cart technicians receive the request and create the appropriate migration tool to your requirements. 
  • Have a technical consultant – Next, Cart experts will check and solve all possible issues on the target store after migration. You can also request them to install necessary extensions and ask them how to optimize your page speed performance.
  • Change URL of target store – When the target store is ready, Next Cart technicians will change the URL and give it its domain name. 

Other things that VIP Support Service can help you:

  • Install target store on your web server and additional necessary extensions for the migration on the new store. Also, deploy web hosting and point to the domain name.
  • Technical support is ready 24/7 for all your questions about web development. You will receive advice on setting up an online store and how to improve SEO ranking. In addition, you could have answers for desirable themes and extensions for your store.
  • Migrate data from third-party modules in the source store to the target store and customize the migration tool as your requirements. If your source store is not online, Next Cart technicians will create the migration tool to move from its database to the Target Store.
  • VIP Data Migration can move up to 100 products, customers, orders, etc., from your source online store to your online target store or even our demo store. And you will have all possible issues fixed according to your expectations.
  • Next Cart experts perform the full migration, taking care of it 24/7. After the migration process, Next Cart will check your target store performance before transferring it to you. But with any problem after that, the full migration will be performed again.
  • After the migration, Next Cart will continue to perform the recent migration to update your eCommerce store with the new data constantly.


Before Start to Work

Next-Cart is an automated shopping cart migration tool and a service helping you transfer products, customers, orders, and blog posts. In addition, other related data from your current eCommerce store can be transferred to another eCommerce platform without effort and errors. 

If you have any unsatisfied things about Next Cart, the Next Cart team members can support you 24/7 during the eCommerce platform migration. Any possible errors will be fixed until you are satisfied with the final result. They also provide various free additional services for online merchants with different needs.

How to Calculate Price?

To estimate the migration price, you need to determine the amount of data you need to migrate. Particularly, you should know what kind of data to migrate and their number. Next Cart coined the term “Entity Limit”, which is calculated based on the highest entity number among the count of products, customers, orders, and blog posts.

All migration tools have the same price for the Entity Limit option. For example, if you want to move 900 products, 900 customers, 1000 orders, the highest entity number would be 1000. So then, you will have an option of 1000 Entity Limit to select from and the price for it would be 69 USD.

Next-Cart only charges the number of products, customers, orders, and posts you want to migrate to the new platform. For instance, to migrate active products and orders from 2018, Next Cart counts just the number of those products and orders. As a result, customizing the migration tool to move those items charges no extra cost.

In Conclusion

As an eCommerce merchant who wants to migrate your website, you should know about eCommerce data migration services. With Next Cart’s service, you can find all the helpful tools to have the eCommerce migration process take place smoothly and without errors. This is extremely helpful for people with no technical knowledge.

Understanding eCommerce Data Migration Service from Next Cart

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