Understand the Value of Search Intent for Improved SERP Ranking

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If you wish to reach the top page of Google search ranks in 2019, it is important for you to align your website content to search intent of the web user. This means what the intent of the consumer behind conducting the query search on the search engine is. Here you need to spend time in detailed research for understanding the purchasing cycle of the web user. In short, consumer behavior across the world is evolving, and Google has the goal to bank on the changing trends to add value to the web user experience when it comes to query searches online. In short, if you have a business website and wish to be a dominant presence online, your website should show up on the top pages of Google.

When web users do the search, and your website pops up, they should go into it and be happy with the content you provide to compel them to purchase the good or service you offer. As a webmaster or business owner, you should create content that caters to the question like why is the web user doing the search, are they looking for education or information, are they keen to make a purchase or are they seeking for a specific website, etc?

Why is search intent valuable for Google?

Google has the goal to give its users the most relevant search result for their queries. In short, Google intends to be a top-quality search engine that provides its users precisely what they are looking for. For instance, conduct a search on Bing and check the results you get. Now, conduct the same search on Google and review the search results- you will find that the results provided by Google are more relevant to what you are looking for.

Google does not believe in providing its users with low-quality and irrelevant content so as a business website owner or webmaster, you should focus on search intent to stay in the good books of Google. Even if you check the mission segment of Google, it has the goal to organize information in the world and make it useful and accessible across the globe. If you wish to ensure your website is fully optimized, you need to keep search intent in mind while creating content and posting it on your website. In fact, this is one of the most valuable and crucial SEO trends for 2019.

Google is aware of what users want when they use the search engine search field- in simple terms, its information. This information should be valuable and can be posted in the form of comparison charts, blog posts, and more. If you want your website to reach the top page ranks of Google, relevance is the secret for success. Note, reaching the page ranks overnight is not possible, but with the help of a good SEO Company with proven track records and credibility in the market, you can achieve the above goal over time successfully.

A break down of search intent – A simple guide

If you are looking for an extensive and successful SEO campaign, you must focus on search intent. You will find there are three different types of search intent and they are-

Searches for information – These searches are generic in nature, and they should provide the user with education and data. The aim of the content should be to give the information sought for. These searches are conducted by people who wish to learn but not ready to convert into purchasing the product or the service as yet. It is like asking a question and getting the answer. For instance, how do you use a microwave, how can you book a flight, etc? If you see the SERP of Google, you will find that it puts up a lot of queries that people generally ask for information.

If you dedicate a section of your website content to these questions, you are actually placing yourself forward in front of the user. It gives you a strategic edge over your competitors. It is true that the web user is not ready to convert but providing information to the user is the first step of getting noticed. It is wise to place relevant phrases and keywords that match the queries of the user in your content to attain success.

Searches for transactions- This search is conducted when the web user is ready to make the purchase. The queries are related to the services and products that you sell on your website. When you are optimizing your site, make sure transactional searches have precedence over informational searches.

Searches for navigation- These are the easiest of all the three searches, and they serve little use in SEO. They are generally conducted when the user already has the search destination in mind, and they use a single search term that is generally a reputed website or a brand.

Google has broken down search intent into the above three segments and has the target to integrate them into its search results. The goal is to provide users with relevant and top-quality search results every time to conduct a query.

The process of choosing keywords that are based on competition and volume no longer works for search engine optimization and page ranks. You need to align your website content as per the three segments of search intent described above to come in front of the web user. This is why you should invest time in carefully researching queries and creating content to help you surge up the search engine results when users visit Google for a query.

There are credible SEO companies with skilled experts to help you with search intent and content creation. It is prudent to bank on these companies and professionals as they are aware of the latest SEO trends for 2019 and will guide you on how you can improve your website better so that Google and users value it as a good quality website with relevant content!

Understand the Value of Search Intent for Improved SERP Ranking

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