Uberfication Impact on eCommerce
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Uberfication Impact on eCommerce

In the present times, the internet has created a huge storm among the industries to stay ahead in this bottleneck competition era. Each and every business have to strive harder for constant growth and development. Above all, the e-commerce development companies are worried about the hike in their e-commerce websites as they require the latest updates for constant customer engagement.

To help this out, the Magento development company has come out with the idea of Uberfication and its impact on these e-commerce websites.

In one of their live Magento session in the UK, the strategy managers revealed how the ride-hailing service is affecting each and every business. Have a look at a few key points.

Easy Shopping

Transportation has a deep impact on e-commerce industries as it is directly related to the customer’s mood swings. If a customer is feeling low or dizzy, he or she might end up without purchasing an item that can affect the e-commerce website. To step out of this, the first thing Uber did was to make the rise-hailing mechanism effortless. You can summon a ride with just a few taps on your smartphone anytime anywhere.

Similar to this, Amazon offered ‘Buy with 1-click button1 for effortless buying to the world of digital commerce and also offered voice-based assistance with Amazon Echo or Wand to order your groceries using just the voice.

To take this idea further, Elon Musk, founder of Space X and Tesla created a cloud-based AI extension to the human brain for his new company Neuralink. This is to help people with severe brain injuries who work on the same ‘consensual telepathy’ that can soon make a purchase just by thinking about it.

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Resistance Checkout

It is always an exhausting situation to wait in a queue for checkouts or look for changes. Uber has taught us how to pay your ride fairs subconsciously that when you exit the car, the transaction happens invisibly which makes you forget you’re paying. E-commerce websites are also moving quickly towards quicker and easier ways to check out. For instance, Apply Pay allows payments by one-touch syncing and fingerprint recognition where on the other side, PayPal One Touch allows you to swipe from site to site without logging in. With the Amazon Go, the company is now piloting a frictionless retail program in Seattle where you can just pick up what you need and walk out as there is no physical checkout just like Uber. 

Mobile Internet Revolution

The Internet has made its own impact on people’s lives and taking this as an advantage, Uber went straight to mobile-only where everyone just aimed for mobile-first. The ultimate goal for retailers on an e-commerce website is to deliver exceptional mobile experiences and increase mobile conversion rates. Many retailers have tried their hands on native applications to do this but cannot convince consumers to use them.

For an alternate solution, the Magento development company has come up with the newest benchmark on mobile of ‘one-second responsiveness’ by Progressive Web Apps to increase responsiveness on your mobile and deliver a faster app-like experience in the browser.

Consumerization of Delivery

The riders of Uber expect to arrive their booked ride in minutes along with the driver’s arrival tracking on their smartphone. Also, with Amazon Prime, the customers expect two-day delivery. these mega-companies are driving aggressive expectations for delivery and transparency in this consumer’s world.

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Here the question arises how can other businesses disrupt delivery? For instance, Krispy Kreme in Australia is using Magento Shipping to provide doughnuts on demand-schedule a delivery up to three months in advance whereas Walmart is asking their employees to deliver packages on the given address with the help of efficient order management systems.

Wrap Up

Uberfication has changed the world and especially the e-commerce sector by standing as a great example. If your company does not try to follow the example of Uber there are possible chances that you might end up losing a lot of customers. The reason? Customers are getting used to a super fast and easy way of online shopping services and payments. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies from now onwards to stay upheld in your sector.

Author’s Bio:

Olivia Diaz is working in a Magento development company eTatvaSoft.com. Apart from her professional career She is more inclined towards blogging and sharing her ideas on a lot of development topics like Magento, Angular and more. She also likes to read about Magento development trends.

Uberfication Impact on eCommerce

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