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Twitter Happens to be Perfect for Customer Service

Twitter. It’s great for getting breaking news, but can it be used for customer service training? The answer is not only a yes but a resounding yes. As a matter of fact, Twitter happens to be perfect for customer service training. Here are some ideas for customer service training via Twitter, and some hints to help you optimize your use of the platform itself.

Twitter Happens to be Perfect for Customer Service

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Create a Separate Help Account

Time Warner Cable is quite efficient when it comes to their use of Twitter. They have two accounts: @Twxcorp and @TWC_help. The latter account is used for all customer service inquiries.

This strategy has one key advantage; help queries are only made through the latter account. That means employees don’t have to spend their time sifting through the general tweets that are sent to the main account.

Twitter Allows Measured Responses

Disgruntled customers are often furious over the phone. And when a customer is furious over the phone, it can be difficult for new representatives to know what to say on the spot. Twitter is a different ballgame.

If a customer sends an angry tweet, the customer service representative has time to formulate the appropriate response. For instance, one popular customer-defusing phrase is, “If I can’t take care of this, then I’ll find someone who can.” There are plenty of customer-defusing phrases like this, and Twitter allows agents to send a proven response. This is impractical on the phone or in person.

Monitor Twitter for Mentions

Whenever a client mentions your Twitter handle, you will obviously get a notification. However, what about when people talk about your brand? What about when people mention your products? What about when people talk about your company, speech occasionally done using nicknames. You need software like Hootsuite so you will be altered whenever that happens. There are other options too. For example, the software Mention is quite popular in marketing circles.

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These types of software have a natural fit with customer service training on Twitter. Here’s why; many businesses don’t respond to all the clients that mention them on Twitter. Naturally, responding to direct queries is quite natural, but quite a few people who could use a spot of help may fall through the cracks. Letting a trainee find and serve these people “kills two birds with one stone”. It allows you to serve customers that would appreciate some assistance, and it allows the representative to get valuable on-the-job training.

Use Twitter to Promote Free Customer Service

Can a business really get free customer service without paying for it? The answer, which is yes, is quite surprising. There are quite a few chaps who need help online, and it won’t always be your company doing the helping. As a matter of fact, most customers are served by other customers: free YouTube videos, advice on Reddit posts, responses on Twitter, and more.

You can encourage this behavior by simply giving these people a retweet or mentioning them in one of your Twitter posts. These web users are assisting your business for free, so there’s no reason not to promote them. Additionally, you can get in a conversation, and potentially find ways to serve them. Not everybody who needs customer service asks for it.

Twitter Helps Customer Service Agents Find Alternatives to the Word No

One of the most important things a customer service officer can do is find alternatives to no. When people contact customer service they are usually irate, peaked because something (involving your business) isn’t going right. In the majority of cases, the honeyed word is the difference between a satisfied customer and an angry one. A key part of sweetness and light is always offering some kind of concession to a customer, even if you can’t meet their original demand.

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For instance, let’s say you own a hotel, a resort that doesn’t allow any kind of pets, and your customer wants to bring in their cat Fluffy. You can’t allow Fluffy in, and you have to be firm about that. However, you can offer to call local pet hotels to find a place to stay. Offering a concession (even a small one) is a great way to de-escalate situations. A great place to practice this practical policy is Twitter. Perhaps you can’t offer a refund, but you can give someone a free trial to another product. Twitter is a great place for new employees to hone their skills, to find what freebies customers like.

Real Life Case Studies Via Twitter

Customer service training is not only about charging into the fire (although that is a large part of it). It’s also about learning from the successes and failures of others. Case studies are a fantastic way for new customer service representatives to discover optimal remedies for assisting customers. If you’ve been providing customer service on Twitter, then all the exchanges should already be there. All you have to do is dig them up. New employees should also talk to veterans about what works best because teamwork is paramount to workplace success.

Use Twitter to Highlight Positive Customers

If a customer has something positive to say about your business, then give them a retweet. Customer service training is not just about helping customers when they tell you they have a problem. It’s also about assisting customers before they tell you they have a problem.

One way to do this is to start conversations with customers, and Twitter is a great platform for this. After you start the conversation with them, you can ask them if they need anything, or if there’s any way you can serve them. This is a good task for customer service training because all the cases that involve someone asking for direct assistance may be handled by professionals. This is a good way for beginners to get their feet wet without disrupting the pros.

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Do You Have to Take Twitter Help to Email or the Phone?

Twitter is an amazing website for providing customer service. However, you can only write 140 character responses, which limits the scope of your answers. What percentage of the time do you take Twitter customer service to phone/email?

Author: Rob Jackson is the owner of magnovo.com, delivering team building solutions anywhere in the United States.

Twitter Happens to be Perfect for Customer Service


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