Turn your Clients into Brand Ambassadors
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Turn your Clients into Brand Ambassadors

Any businesses of different sizes look to attract new customers and increase the trust in a brand. Who may give more trust and loyalty than people who love and recommend your goods and services? With the development of modern communications channels, that became easier to do. Here, you can see statistics of brands involving ambassadors in 2018. At the time being, that practice attracts more people.

Marketers, brand managers, and PR work with popular social media users, stars, famous athletes, and others. Every niche has followers with the right people to invite as the brands face. Thus, the concept of influencers and brand ambassadors has recently appeared.

An ambassador is an official representative of a brand among its target audience. The word came from French and meant a messenger who speaks on behalf of your company in translation.

Until quite recently, this phenomenon was common only in the advertising of TOP brands that bought ads from bloggers. Finally, however, the market has put everything in its place, and users of any auditory can represent some enterprises.

Real ambassadors are an improved and streamlined version of a blogger with millions of followers. The new representative reveals his life, shares values, and inspires others. That is more than just about encouraging to buy goods. Here, we will talk about how a business may find clients and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Tools of digital marketing

Step by step guide to finding clients

Digital marketing stands for actions performed with net sources and electronic devices. Social media, apps, advertising, and website to talk to potential customers. They analyze the scope of promotional messaging and measure its impact through the customer journey. Content marketing is its constituents element in the development and distribution of content. Below, there are the leading digital marketing tools:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMM
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising
  • SERM

The precise guide that matches the exact needs of your business depends on many factors. For example, what is your audience, what sources you have now, what information do you offer, and many others? Thus, your team’s task is to develop your route to catch the goal. Below, there are general steps you can follow to get the result.

Work on your website

People search for desired services and goods on the Internet. It is a huge plus when you possess your website representing your brand. Thus, fill it with relevant information and relevant content. Devote time to SEO. It is the process of optimizing a site for a search engine system. It aims to increase the site’s position in the search engine results and put it on top. You can achieve that by leading visitors to your website. To do that, perform external and internal website optimization. The latter means all the tasks on your website: Double-check content, structure, uniqueness, adaptability, sitemaps, and other metrics.

Regarding articles and posts, you may ask BestWritersOnline to assist you. You can find any writing services for your source there. Then, you have to improve your authority by other trustworthy websites linking. That is about working with HARO and partners. By doing that, you make people come to you organically. Even if you decide to pay for google ads, you should follow the SEO practice to make your website attractive to people.

Consider SMM

Social media marketing is a complex of entries for promoting goods, services, and brands through social media. Choose your niche. So you know the target audience and address it. As long as you keep communicating in comments and direct messages, you can make a list of your strong and weak sides. Improve them. You can find loyal buyers and turn them into ambassadors. It would be best to think of what you can offer them and what you await from them to do. We will talk about that soon.

Your team develops the media plan of the publications your followers-to-be would like as the number of subscribers increases, creates the content, and analyze its effectiveness. The number of customers from the social sector increases, and income from the social sector increases. Setting up paid advertising on social media is also a way to promote your brand.

Content marketing

That is a complex of entries, directing to get the target audience for the search results based on the broadest information. However, consistent use of content marketing develops relationships with potential and existing customers. They use company materials that show your expertise and inspire confidence. As a result, the consumer receives valuable information and thus, chooses a business that creates useful materials.

Contextual advertising

Then, advertising follows the content of the website manually or automatically. Finally, contextual advertising draws attention to your brand. People may see it in search engines, sites, and mobile applications.

The benefits of contextual advertising are the target audience. The functionality of ad systems provides many tools to reach users interested in you. You will receive the results from the moment you start a campaign.

SERM (search engine reputation management)

Analyze all the information about your brand. Get the negatives from the search engine and work with them. Represent the brand from the positive side. Create a desirable image of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

The role of content marketing

Content marketing is the development and distribution of relevant and valuable content.

Each brand has its values ​​reflected in the mission of the company. But the slogans sound impersonal. Who will light up the idea printed on the packaging of the cream or posted on the site? An impersonal text is of no interest to anyone – no matter the correct idea. The task of a brand ambassador is to convey the mission of the company to the general public, explain it in simple terms, form a loyal audience with similar interests, and recommend using the brand’s products or services.

Talk about the brand to all interested (and not so) people on the Internet, and share experiences using the brand’s products or services. This is how ambassadors work in almost all business segments. Conduct seminars and masterclasses, act as an expert and answer questions on social networks and the media. Show your expertise in a particular field. Any approach will be effective only if the principles and interests of the ambassador coincide with the mission of the company.

Which tools help a company to turn clients into brand ambassadors.

Large companies choose ambassadors from media personalities, athletes, and well-known bloggers. It is easy to influence the audience with many subscribers, owners of promoted pages, and communities on social networks. Some firms choose ordinary people who meet their requirements, provide training, and help achieve fame. Ambassadors are taught in many faculties of journalism and special courses. There are numerous techniques to catch brand ambassadors. However, any special education is not required for this position. Famous personalities have all the necessary skills and knowledge.

It is not enough to love the brand and share information about it. Everything is much more complicated. If it is enough for the face of the brand to shoot a photo session and come to a couple of parties, then the ambassador does not have a regulated working time. You can’t love sports five times a week from 9.00 to 18.00, and on weekends you can lie on the couch. Communication style when discussing the brand, declaring the values ​​and mission of the brand in simple language is a must.

Take a look at the target audience. If not a brand fan, a brand ambassador should be at least an open supporter. He should not be shy about talking about it. But, of course, he must use the brand’s products and buy them in his daily life. The person has to share the same values as your brand claims.

Decide what goal you will pursue. Do you want to improve brand awareness? Increase sales? Change brand image? Warm up the audience? Even if you want everything at once, it is better to determine the main goal and focus on it. Next, consider what rewards you can offer ambassadors. Something to thank the people who will help your brand grow. It can be brand products or services, rewards through discounts, or coupons.

Be creative. Offer your customers rewards. The ideal option is to prepare several of these awards to choose from. Integrate the loyalty program with the website and business. It is not enough to start a loyalty program. Any interested client could easily join it and start working in it. Similarly, on the

business side, your team must be ready to check the results of ambassadors’ work and monitor its functioning. Develop and improve your work with ambassadors. Use alerts to offer closed sales.

Charisma, activity. A brand ambassador must be able to connect with people and gain their trust. For bloggers, this parameter is easily determined by the number of views and subscribers.

Reputation. It is essential to check the candidate’s biography, finding out the facts that can play against the company in advance.


Canon. James Balog is a famous American photographer whose photos are admired by millions of people. He specializes in the relationship of nature with man. At the same time, he uses only the equipment of the company Canon.

Chanel. The brand selects ambassadors from famous women who have the same qualities as the company’s founder. They spread courage, grace, and sensuality. Among them are Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, and Keira Knightley.

Calvin Klein wants to be promoted by active and energic people. Thus, it selects young and ambitious people from different countries. Along with Justin and Haily Bieber, it invited influencers like Ukrainian Alina Frendiy.


Much depends on the brand itself. The uniqueness of its history and trade offer matter. Also, that is all about effective communication with new and existing customers. In its turn, the ambassadorship provides a great chance to show the human face of your brand. So devote your time to arranging that. Analyze placements and feedback from subscribers. And the success will come to you! Good luck!

Sandra Bell
Sandra Bell

Sandra Bell is a freelance author and blogger. To write and create is her passion and hobby. Now she works as a writer and editor on the professional writing platform BestWritersOnline.

She is keen on some topics such as motivation, coaching, modern art, charity, and many others close to the topics mentioned earlier. Besides Sandra having a pet, she adores dogs and running. She lives in Washington district Columbia.

Turn your Clients into Brand Ambassadors

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