Try these SEO Methods to Earn Backlinks for your Website

Try these SEO Methods to Earn Backlinks for your Website

When seeking for Best SEO Services, of the most treasured ranking factors for search engines is backlinking. Backlinks are sites that link to your site, making your site have a greater site authority that allows you to gain organic site traffic. However, for these links to have relevance to your site, they need to come from authoritative websites. Quality backlinks will give you high organic traffic; therefore, you need to ensure that sites linking to you are of high quality for you to have a better ranking. The king of search engines that everyone counts on is Google and that should be what you focus on when you want to rank better.

Google looks in particular for your website’s backlinks, when crawling the web. This helps it to understand how your pages are connected to one another and in what ways. This doesn’t mean that this is the only ranking factor, there are hundreds of them, but backlinks are what give you top ranking juice when it comes to SEO. Many webmasters think that quality backlinks are hard to get, which is somehow true. However, there are several smart ways that you can use to acquire these backlinks. Here are seven of them.

Get interviewed

Link Building


The hottest thing right now is an online interview. If done and applied right will be an easier way to earn backlinks to your website. The moment that you establish yourself as an authoritative website, you are bound to get plenty of interview invitation to ask you what you did right to get where you are. If you have not gained this stature yet, you shouldn’t despair. What you need to do is look for websites that do interviews and ask them for a slot to participate in one of their interviews and what you are going to contribute.

The broken-link building method

If you want to create one-way backlinks, the best method that you should use is broken-link building. This is an effective technique where you contact the webmaster of a particular website that you want to be linked to your website. The links need to be broken first which will make it look like you are doing them a favor by reporting a broken link. Take this chance to suggest which website should replace the broken links on that website. Of course, don’t forget to mention your website. Since you did him or her favor by reporting the backlink, you just get it. To do this you must first find relevant websites that you feel may add relevance to your website and pursue them.

Spy on your competitors

Spy on your competitiors

For effective SEO Strategies, you should always update yourself with what your competitors are up to so that you understand what they are doing right or what you are doing wrong. Check out on their online marketing strategies, social media, and other marketing campaigns they are using to market their products and see if they are working or not. Don’t just isolate yourself and bury your head in the sand, assuming that everything is okay. Some tools can help you get alerts on what and when your competitor is publishing new content. You can also follow them on their social media or even subscribe to their email newsletters. Creating Google alert for a keyword is another effective way to keep a watch on your competitors.

Backlinks through infographics

Backlinks through infographics 

Another popular way of driving traffic to your website and earning backlinks is using infographics. They’re easy to understand nature is what makes them a good method to send traffic to your website. They are also so easy to share with you, social media followers. Infographics help to eliminate text monotony and it also makes your website look appealing. It also makes the content digestible to your readers. Visuals stick in the mind longer than words or text and applying them on your website will bring you traffic which will eventually lead to quality backlinks. Although they are costly, the results will be worth it.

Guest Posting

If you want to reach out to your new audience, then the most effective way to achieve this is by guest posting to authoritative websites or blogs. By posting your work to another prominent website, it gets a front-row seat so that your new audience discovers your content and eventually you will get exposed to them. If your work is good, they will eventually find ways to get more of your content. Although this will not directly earn you backlinks, it will help you strengthen your online presence and increase your social media followers. You can also leverage your relationships and expand your audience using guest blogs.

Build internal links

Build internal links 

A key factor in running a successful blog is linking internally. You can use your anchor texts to get passing link juice. Visitors can easily navigate through your website and increase their overall user experience with a good internal linking structure. If you are running a WordPress website, you will access tools that can automatically create internal links on your blog. However, you should do this manually if you want to get the right results.

Promote your content

Promote your content 

If you know how to promote your content properly, it will definitely earn your backlinks. Don’t just sit there and expect your content will magically give you backlinks. You need to get the word out there about your products, new products and other great offers found on your website. A wonderful way to go about this is to use email outreach campaigns to promote your best products and articles. Another awesome way to promote your content is to contact bloggers or websites running weekly or monthly roundups, contact their webmasters and introduce your work to them. with your message, you can attach your best guide or tutorials.

Final Remarks

Backlinks are crucial if you want to achieve better rankings. as you have seen you don’t need to work a sweat of trying to earn backlinks, with these simple methods you will get quality backlinks without working so hard. I trust that this article was helpful to you and that you are going to implement them on your website to achieve a higher ranking.

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Try these SEO Methods to Earn Backlinks for your Website

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