True Influence Spring Summit 2021

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True Influence Spring Summit – Today, businesses are struggling to navigate through information overload. To help break this cycle, we bring together some of the best minds in the technology industry at our 2021 True Influence Summit: Accelerating Revenue in Certain Times. These experts will discuss the true learnings and insights that align marketing, sales, and data with building a path to a successful and certain B2B future. Virtual; Apr 14, 2021

Just as artificial intelligence changes our daily lives, machine learning redefines B2B marketing and sales at a rapid clip.

Should you harness the power of AI in your demand generation? How can AI turn your marketing, sales, and data efforts into a revenue machine? What do best practices and early adopters say?

You’re about to find out. Complete your registration for the (free) virtual True Influence Summit, where demand gen and AI leaders from Google, Microsoft, SAP, IEEE, Live Earth, and Forrester answer those questions and more.

Join the B2B community as we talk about:

  • Real use cases: how AI helps you reach and engage in-market B2B buyers
  • Tips and tricks: Improve B2B demand generation and close sales with AI and data
  • How AI helps B2B brands activate, engage, and optimize across buyer journeys
  • How AI connects martech, MOPs, and data for greater efficiency and revenue
  • AI-driven marketing roadmap: Accurate, relevant, measurable, and secure
  • Where should you invest in AI this year? A look at less known uses for AI in B2B

True Influence Spring Summit 2021

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