Trends That Will Drive Mobile App Development
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Trends That Will Drive Mobile App Development

It doesn’t take any analytical power to understand how smartphones and mobile apps have penetrated and influenced our lives. Naturally, mobile app marketplaces are brimming with energy and innovations. Every year we experience new development and design trends, and some apps earlier than others catch up to these trends and shape their success.

Many things happened in 2019 and the recent past that will shape the mobile app development this year and beyond. Any mobile app development company with a comprehensive idea about these trends is more important than ever before.

Below we provide the most important mobile app development trends of 2020.

  • On-demand Apps

The popularity of on-demand apps that swept the businesses in 2019 is likely to continue this year as well. We can see more businesses opted for on-demand apps in 2020. On-demand apps are no longer luxury but a necessity for most people now.

On-demand apps can be seen across different categories such as food delivery apps, cab apps, grocery apps, on-demand beauty apps, pharmacy and doctor apps, etc. Obviously, it all started with the phenomenal popularity of Uber that, over time, crisscrossed every business niche and service.

In the US, on-demand apps have already become a big mover and shaker for consumer services. As per the latest data, around 86.5 million Americans now use on-demand apps, and around 45 million Americans now provide on-demand services. A large number of organizations have already shifted their focus to on-demand apps. Naturally, in all probability, 2020 is likely to be a big year for on-demand apps.

Some of the new and innovative types of on-demand services and apps that are likely to be popular this year include domestic helper apps, laundry service apps, salon, and personal beauty apps, babysitting apps, home patient care apps, pharmacy apps, etc.

  • EMM and APM

Hardly can you find any business enterprise without a mobile app. In sync with this trend, mobile apps for enterprises also embrace the latest and most advanced protocols for boosting performance and output. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM) have become key components in enterprise mobile app development.

As a key mobile metric, application performance management was embraced by none other than Google way back in 2016. The purpose of this was to reduce the performance bottlenecks and boost the entire functioning of an app. No wonder the metric soon became a key tool for quality assurance testers around the globe.

EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management, on the other hand, is an approach to help enterprises to manage the safety and security precautions and measures for the mobile devices used by the employees. The approach safeguards the enterprises from the security threats emerging from mobile devices used by the employees. EMM comprises components such as app maintenance, app security, and finance management.

EMM helps strengthen the security structure and helps employees with more streamlined and efficient mobile communication and data sharing and applications crucial for the business process.

  • Instant Apps

Instant apps coming with small footprint sizes while delivering fundamental functionalities help users access an app without downloading them. This is a great and innovative idea in usability and creating more device space while not compromising app security.

One of the major perks corresponding to instant apps is app demos. When users become concerned, such apps deliver the quintessential taste of the fuller version of the app. This helps users decide whether to go for the fuller version or use the low-print footprint instant app.

As competition in the app market is continuing to get stiffer, in 2020, we can expect more apps to embrace this approach. Despite their small size, Instant apps are likely to come with innovative and cool features.

  • AI for Smarter Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence or AI has become a buzzword for everyone in the tech fraternity and development world. AI has already made significant breakthroughs in the field of mobile application development. AI has not only has made mobile apps smarter, but it has also proved to be highly efficient and performance-boosting as a technology.

Google just introduced Duplex, a powerful AI program capable of making calls on behalf of humans and taking actions such as fixing an appointment for a business. This is just another example of how AI is fast evolving for the benefit of mobile app users.

Now, a lot of app niches, including consumer apps, game apps, social media and chat apps, finance & accounting, customer service, healthcare, and many app niches, have embraced AI for their mobile apps.

In 2020 and the years ahead, some of the key AI-based mobile app development trends that can be prominent include automated AI-based DevOps or AIOps in app development, AI-enabled chips, automated machine learning, communication among neural networks, etc.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is basically a google initiated project that collaborated with Twitter. Technically put,  AMP is just a stripped-down and simple version of HTML that can help a mobile page load quicker apart from other benefits. It is great for developers because they can boost the loading speed of content-heavy websites and web pages and, in consequence, can reduce bounce rates and boost performance on all mobile devices.

The best thing about the technology is that AMP offers an app like functional ease while Google accepts it for listing the pages in the search rank listing. Because of a better AMP score, one can easily achieve a higher conversion rate, minimum bounce rate, optimum user retention while delivering a far better user experience. In 2020 more businesses will utilize AMP to deliver a superior mobile user experience.

  • The Emergence of Chatbots

While chatbots for some years continued to shape mobile app user experience, in 2020, the popularity of bots will no longer be limited as a nice-to-have feature, but bots will become must-have ones. More apps in the months to come will use bots to improve the user experience. Integrating bots in the app will be crucial for the future growth of the app.

Many niche mobile apps delivering services such as online shopping, food delivery, and cab services have already integrated the chatbots successfully into their apps. This integration will help resolve customer and user queries by the intelligent bots, which will eventually reduce the need to call customer support.

A recent survey revealed a whopping 63 percent or more consumers in the US interact with chatbots. This is actually helping the companies to save as much as $8 billion within the period between 2018 and 2020.

The Siri of Apple, Alexa of Amazon, and Google Assistant, the leading virtual assistant bots in the market, will continue to be smarter and more agile to deal with queries and responses in 2020 and will come equipped with a lot of new features to make assisting people in their day to day activities simpler. The bit of conversation and overall experience will be more personalized in the years to come.

  • Conclusion

In 2020, there will be a lot of innovations in terms of features and superior user experience. As the app market will continue to brim with the competition, these trends will have a bigger influence than ever before. Apart from these trends, cloud support, the Internet of Things, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will be among major trends. There is a lot to happen for a better mobile experience in 2020.

Chirag MudsaAuthor Bio: Chirag Mudsa is the CEO of a leading Android app development company, CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. He is a goal-driven tech evangelist for 17 years, specializing in web and mobile development domains. His innovative spirit, strong leadership skills, and a profound commitment to organizational growth have given him a key leading position in the industry.

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Trends That Will Drive Mobile App Development

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