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Trends from a Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

Blogging Statistics and Trends: The 2018 Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

What makes for good blog content in 2019?  Millions of bloggers spend hundreds of hours each year creating content for their blog.  A new blogger survey from Orbit Media asked 1,000+ bloggers about what goes into creating and posting content for their blog.  The survey, now in its fifth year shows many trends and statistics that show how blogger content creation has evolved over time.  From the length and frequency of posts to their process works and the different types of content they promote.

The analysis from Orbit Media is broken down into three comprehensive sections:

  1. Length, Time and Frequency
  • How long is the average blog post?
  • How much time are bloggers sending on a typical article?
  • How often are bloggers publishing?
  1. Process and Measurement
  • Are bloggers working with editors?
  • What percentage of bloggers are using Analytics?
  • Do bloggers update past articles?
  1. Content Formats, Original Research, and Promotion
  • What are bloggers including in their posts?
  • Where and when do bloggers write?
  • What percentage of bloggers write guests posts?
  • How are bloggers driving traffic to their content?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these sections to highlight some of the callout data from the analysis.

Length, Time and Frequency

In 2018 the average blog posts take 3 hours and 28 minutes to write.  That is up from 2.5 hours in 2014 showing that time spent per posts has risen by 44%. As you might expect the time invested per article can vary a bit between writers.  Some bloggers spend less than 3 hours to post and some spend over 6 hours on a single post. One thing that the survey found is that bloggers spending more time on a post tend to see more returns on their time invested in blogging.  Bloggers who spend over 6 hours on a single blog post are 56% more likely to report strong results than those who don’t.

The length of a typical blog post in 2018 is 1,151 words.  That’s up from 808 words in 2014, a rise of over 42%.  Bloggers who have posts over 2,000 words report are far more likely to report seeing strong results from their blog post.

How frequently do bloggers publish in 2018? Most bloggers tend to publish several times a month as opposed to several per week just a few years ago. Most bloggers are spending more time writing longer articles, so their frequency is going down.  However, there is nothing in the data that suggests any benefits to publishing less often.  Greater frequency has shown to have stronger results.

Process and Measurement

Today nearly 1 in 4 bloggers have a formal editing process.  That percentage has doubled over the last 5 years.  However, most bloggers are editing their own work as opposed to using an editor.  Most bloggers don’t have a formal editing process, however, those that do report stronger results with their work.

The survey also asked if updating old content was part of your blogging strategy. Only 38% of bloggers are currently updating old content. The survey found that bloggers who have a strategy of updating older content are twice as likely to report strong results. Blogger who also measure the performance of their content in analytics is twice as likely to report strong results.

Content Formats, Original Research, and Promotion

The survey found that over half of bloggers include multiple images in each article and about half are using lists in their posts. Video is on the rise and only a small percentage of bloggers are using audio in their blog posts. The survey found that the more media formats you use in a post, the more success you are likely to have.

A new question in the survey this year asked about original research. 55% of bloggers who conduct their own original research saw strong results.  However, only 1 in 4 bloggers currently does it. Bloggers who conduct their own original research were almost 3 times more likely to see strong results than those who didn’t.

The survey also found that content promotion was extremely important. Close to 100% of bloggers currently promote their content on social media. More and more bloggers are turning to email marketing and SEO as alternative ways to promote their content. Influencer and paid promotion are both way up as well over the past few years.

The full blogger statistics and trends report from Orbit Media can be seen here.

Trends from a Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

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